Amelie J. Hyde is the pen name of a sixteen (now eighteen) year old girl who likes her privacy.

She grew up in the Northeastern region of North America in a cozy little state she wishes she never left in the first place — Connecticut. Not many people know of it off the top of their heads, but it’s been her home since she was born in 1999 up until November of 2014. Then, she moved to Florida, a sunny state with bipolar weather and less than average education compared to CT. Still, she’s set her goals high and aims to be Valedictorian to make her passage through college as painless as possible.

Hyde is a smart, clever girl who has read enough to know that if you put your mind to something it really does happen. Hence her new goal: to be a published author.

Unlike the Valedictorian one, being an author is something she’s doing for her own happiness. She not only wholeheartedly enjoys hearing from her readers and loves to hear their feedback on what she’s written, but writing is one of her few hobbies. The reason for this blog is precisely that. She used to have a wonderful following of over nine thousand people and a large collection of twenty-five books available to them, but sadly, the site deleted all of her hard work.

If one group/affiliation won’t accept what you do, then the answer’s simple: make your own.


10 thoughts on “About

      • onelastwriter says:

        Bazinga! Just got this message and I’m am very impressed with the new version! I remember reading it on Wattpad before they started acting like jerks and took it down. Good to hear from you again, I totally understand you have a life . . . When I awkwardly don’t.

        *goes watch Netflix show reruns* Reid I’m coming! But, not in that wayyy


        • Amelie J. Hyde says:

          Yes! Success!! I was really hoping at least one person would remember the old version and be able to tell me how they felt. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Super relieved that it came out well xD

          S’ok, Netflix is life, so technically everyone who’s on it automatically has one. Also, thank you for being so understanding, really means a lot to me :3


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