Surrender To His Pleasure: Pt. 1

So, this is a little something I’ve been working on, and I have it mostly plotted out at this point, so I figured I’d, ya know, share~

“Son, I know all about you. I want her home by ten, or you can kiss my deal with your daddy goodbye.”

The man standing between me and the beautiful southern belle who has already fucked me on a number of occasions, is the same man about to make my dad’s business lots and lots of money. You can’t tell from his ripped blue jeans and oil-stained hands and messy curls, but Mr. Oakley is worth millions upon millions of dollars. His only daughter, however, just turned eighteen and is therefore in my territory. I let him know as much with a little smirk as I sneak a glance behind him and wink at her. She blushes, peering up at me through her eyelashes.

“I mean it, Luka,” her fuming old man says, “be even a second late and I won’t give that deal another thought.”

I nod slowly, flicking my brown hair out of my eyes and redirecting my smirk his way. “Gotcha, pops, I’ll be sure to have her home by nine fifty-nine on the dot.” I look beyond him, reaching out and grabbing her by the wrist. She giggles and wiggles around him, scampering behind me and blowing her dad a kiss goodbye. His face pinches in obvious anger as I follow behind her, blowing him a saucy kiss as she hops into the passenger seat of my new car.

He holds up a hand before I can stroll around. I watch him curiously as he comes up right in front of me, grabs my hand, and whispers, “Whatever you do to her, I’ll do to you. Don’t test me, boy.” Before I can so much as wrap my head around his words, he’s dropping my hand, smiling at his little girl and heading back inside.

Shaking my head, I climb into my seat and pull away from the curve. Per usual, her hand finds my thigh in the darkness. Unlike the first time, I don’t have to guide it up, it naturally slides. She slips her hand into my already open zipper, reaching in and taking me into her nice and warm palm. She scoots to the edge of her seat and leans across, kissing at my neck and whispering if I missed her. I fight back a smirk. If only her daddy could see her now.

I tilt my head back, keeping my eyes on the road and enjoying her soft, eager touch. “I did, baby girl. I thought I’d have to knock your old man aside, I wanted to see you so bad.”

She giggles. “We’re going there today, right?”

I turn onto the dirt road and glance down at her with a wicked little smirk. “What do you think, babe?”

She does a little squeal and jerks me even faster. I groan, head tipping back dangerously as I turn down the familiar path. As soon as the deserted barn comes into view, I’m turning my head and locking our lips, my tongue plunging into her mouth. She sighs into me, shifting even closer as she takes my hand and leads it up her skirt and between her legs. She’s soaked through her cotton panties.

She pants as my fingers curl upward, stroking her puffy lips through them. “I may have liked watching you stand up to him a bit too much, Lukey,” she confesses in a murmur, hips squirming to press herself even harder into my fingers.

I promise to take care of her soon enough as I reach over and open my car door. She waits in her seat, happily letting me take her in my arms and carry her into the barn. Inside, I’ve lit the place with plenty of lanterns and cleaned the bed of any signs of the latina I had this morning. Since Maryanne just moved in with Mr. Oakley a few weeks ago, she hasn’t met Flora yet, so I figured it was safe to enjoy both of them at the same time.

Seeing the sweet little girl I’ve been slowly bringing out of her shell lift her skirts, hand me her wet underwear and spread her legs sends a wicked thrill down my spine and straight to my dick. When I first met her, she thought kissing was scandalous, but here she is, sprawled out in the middle of nowhere about to let me fuck her in the same place I took her v-card. That’s what I love about all the cute girls that move here from the country: they’re all virgins. They’re so unbelievably sensitive and tight that all other girls bore me. I like my women tight and blushing and wet at all times. As soon as they get sloppy down there, it’s time for me to leave them. Unfortunately for Maryanne, she’s getting looser and looser with every day that passes and Flora is only getting tighter.

I think of the cute little Spanish girl as I sink into her quivering, eager folds. Her creamy legs wrap around my waist and pull me in deeper as I remember the way Flora’s needed a bit of licking in order to take me. She was sweet. Delicious, even. I ate her happily, listening to her scream when my tongue was replaced suddenly by my cock. Mary’s moans breach my concentration, and I suddenly remember why I keep screwing her every chance that I get. She calls out for her daddy during sex.

“James!” She gasps and pants his name, hips squirming and muscles clenching all around me. It doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact, I find her little daddy complex cute. It’s the only thing that makes screwing her enjoyable. The second time I did her was when she started calling out his name, and since I didn’t know it was her dad, I was furious and came without her, letting her beg for a good five minutes before finishing her off.

Then, Mr. Oakley came by.

Mr. James Oakley.

For a while, her calling out his name was amusing, but now, it turns me on. She gets to fantasize about her big ol’ daddy doing her raw, and I get to determine if he does her nice and tender or wrecks her already loose cunt with a powerful, merciless pounding. Today, I decide he’s denying her an orgasm until he’s had his fill.

She cries and begs, writhing on my cock as I keep her on the edge, listening as her cries get more and more desperate. She calls me daddy and James and baby, and tries to push back on me as I hold still in her, letting the frantic squeezing of her walls do all the work for me. Then, I grab at her hips, pull her ass up hard against my abdomen for God knows how many times, and shoot into her stomach. Tears stream down her face as I pull out and give her my fingers instead, cherishing the starved, miserable look on her face before I push her over the edge, watching the relief come over her features. Once that’s done, I pat her panties in their place in my back pocket and pull her up off the bed.

She moans softly and sits down on the edge, legs opening as she lifts her skirt again. “Do me again, Luka!”

I eye her oozing core for a moment, just watching the juices drip free, and shake my head. The quicker I get her home, the faster I can get over to Flora’s house and have some real fun. “Not tonight, baby girl. Maybe in a couple days.”

She pouts but follows me out, not bothering to ask for her panties back for once. It’s because of how much she drips that I take them, loving the way she squirms whenever I bring her home. The truth is Maryanne is a huge worry wart. After every time I take her, she tells me to go to the store and buy her birth control since I refuse to wear a condom, and she’s constantly telling me her dad knows we’re screwing there, but if he did, I always argue, why does he let her go out with me anyways. He’s a man, he definitely knows that two hours is more than enough time to flip up a skirt and dump a load in some sweet little girl like Mary. Especially when she comes prepared to take off her panties and lift her dress for me.

Once I get her a water and the pills, she’s finally content enough to go back to her house. Unfortunately for me, today is the last day of the college football game, so the traffic is thick and slow, progressing at less than the speed of a turtle. Sighing under my breath, I tap my fingers on the steering wheel and check the time on my watch. Nine fifty-eight. I lean back in my chair at the ridiculously long line of cars in front of us. Two minutes to get all the way from the center of town to that far off shack he calls a house? I might as well call my father now and tell him I fucked his business partner’s daughter and screwed him out of the big break he’s been waiting half his adult life for.

I groan under my breath. My dad just might disown me this time if I tell him something like that. There’s no doubt in my mind that no matter how my step-mother may protest, he’ll really put me out on my ass. I wonder who would take me in then. Certainly not any of the girls I’ve slept with and left to be put back together by some other guy. Well, there goes a good percentage of the town.

By the time we make it to the light at the end of the street, I’ve already calculated how many people I can rely on in a time of need. None. I glance at my clock. Eleven ten. I’m so fucked. Mary tries to make conversation, but I completely ignore her. Because she wanted that stupid medicine, my life just might be ruined. We’re over an hour late, not ten or fifteen minutes, but a whole fucking hour! For pills!

I groan, rubbing at my forehead and hoping her dad might’ve gone out or fallen asleep. But when I turn onto his street, his driveway is lit up with his bright red pick-up truck parked outside the garage, and he’s sitting on the porch. Of course, he doesn’t look upset, instead there’s a short glass of liquor beside him, a rifle beside it, and a book in his hands as if he’d settled in long ago for my arrival. I am so fucked.

I glance at the clock. Eleven thirty five.

I’m beyond fucked.

Getting out of my car is perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life. My dad needs that deal more than he needs me, that little annoying thought runs through my head over and over as her daddy stays where he is, calmly licking his thumb and turning the page.

“Maryanne,” he says at last, making his little girl flinch behind me, “go on inside now.” She scurries to safety as if the hounds of Hell are at her feet instead of mine. Minutes tick by with just me, him, and that damn book.

Huffing, I cross my arms over my chest and snap, “Honestly, say something already!”

He blinks up at me, pretending like he didn’t know I was there. “Why are you still here, Luka? Run along now and tell your daddy that I’ve changed my mind.” He dismisses me with a lazy wave of his hand.

My teeth grit. “No.” There’s always some way to appease a girl’s parents, and while usually I’d appeal to her mother, Mr. Oakley doesn’t have a wife. What does he want? I look him over. I could give him money for new clothes.

Before I can attempt to be charitable, he’s chuckling under his breath and finally setting the book down on the little end table next to him. “Boy, you must be out your Goddamn mind,” he drawls, a smirk stretching his lips. “Do you think I’m stupid? Believe it or not, I grew up ‘round these parts, and know all the places guys like you take girls like my daughter. And I’m a man that stands by my word. Your father won’t see a penny from me whether you tell him why or not.”

“That’s–!” I cut off, throw my hands in the air in frustration, and decide to just try again tomorrow morning after some rest. “Don’t think this is over. I’ll have words with you to–!”

I come to a halt, one foot poised to take a step and the other just landing. He tugs at my back pocket, something giving way, and a great cluster of unease gathers in my gut. Suddenly, I’m very much aware of the rifle I’d seen earlier and how far, far away my car seems.

“Son,” his voice calls, as cool and calm as ever, “what did I tell you before you left?”

I whirl around and, sure enough, clutched between his fingers are Maryanne’s panties with their white floral design. That’s just my luck today, isn’t it? I palm my forehead and try to remember what useless shit he must’ve said earlier. Did he threaten to shoot me? I can’t recall for the life of me!

“Come on inside, son. Wouldn’t want to disturb the neighbors.”


Before I can plant my feet, his calloused fingers are curling round my upper arm and yanking me forward. I keep one eye on him and the other on the gun, chest heaving in relief when he completely ignores it. It’s only when the door to his house slams shut behind me that I realize that I’m in his house and there could very well be a quieter hand gun somewhere nearby.

“L-listen, sir, now I didn’t–!”

“Save it, boy.” He strolls forward, taking a right and entering the kitchen, without hesitating in the least he goes right on through to a door at the end. When it opens, there’s a set of stairs going down into darkness. He folds his arms over his chest and leans against the door. “If you accept your punishment, I’ll consider sparing your daddy’s contract.” That’s more than enough to get me down the stairs. He stops me at the first step with a hand at my shoulder. “You’ll be needing this.” I frown, reaching out blindly for the railing as he ties something thick and heavy around my eyes. His mouth appears at my ear, “Once we reach the bottom, you’re to tell me everything you and my daughter did, starting with the handjob in the car.”

Oh my God, he saw that?! “You saw?!” I demand loudly, tilting my head back instinctively.

Something clicks closed behind me. “I did. C’mon get a move on. Don’t fall.”

“Why don’t you go ahead of me then? Or take this damned thing off me, huh?”

“No,” is all he replies.

I wait a few seconds, and then hesitantly stretch one foot out, sliding it along until the step I’m on ends. I do the same thing again, just taking them a step at a time with the constant pressure of Mr. Oakley watching me from behind. If I slip up, do I fail whatever test this is? Almost immediately, my foot presses down on nothing but air and I’m pitching forward. Thick arms catch me around the waist, pulling me back against a broad chest. I can’t help but feel small against him both physically and because I’m blind. He’s bigger and stronger and . . . and warmer, I realize with a start. His front radiates warmth almost as well as a bonfire. Instinctively, I lean back on him, welcoming the heat over the chill of the unknown in front of me.

“Didn’t I say to be careful?” He grumbles, breath gusting past my neck and making me shiver and turn away. Despite his complaining, he holds me to him and whisper-orders for me to move my foot forward. I reach out hesitantly, hands unconsciously grabbing at his arms in case he’s trying to trick me into falling into something. Instead, when he tells me to step down, I feel nothing but the solid wood of the steps. “That’s it. Good boy. Now, move it forward again,” he murmurs, bottom lip gently caressing the shell of my ear, “and step. Good boy. Keep going.”

I want to say something about how I’m not even remotely part canine, but decide against it considering he’s trying to help me. Besides, by the time he guides me to the bottom, I don’t exactly mind his insanely belittling word choice. Instead, I almost miss it in the silence and stillness of the room. It’s almost like there’s nobody here, but I know better. He’s here. I can feel his warmth somewhere in front of me. Biting the inside of my cheek, I hesitantly reach out, flinching when my fingertips connect with him. I can’t tell if it’s his back or front, so I just pretend it’s the latter.

“Now what, pops?”

He chuckles.

Fingers wrap around my wrist, tugging me forward. I stumble towards him, anticipating the collision only to be guided round in a circle. Dizzy and discombobulated, I feel him step up close to me, his hands lifting mine above my head, and his breath hot and even on my face. I tilt my head up, looking to where my hands should be even though I can’t see them. As soon as I do so, his fingers are replaced by something cold and hard. The thick bands are unwavering and consume most of my wrist, leaving me feeling shackled and very, very uneasy.

I tug on them and hiss at Mr. Oakley, “What the fuck is this?”

His hand finds my jaw, grabs onto it and pulls until my face is turned towards his general direction. “You have a story to begin.”

Despite him being right in front of me, my body goes cold at his words. Something in his voice is different, not at all like his usual calm one. It freezes all the words in my throat and makes me pull harder on my hands. I’d look up, but his grip on my chin is firm, far too solid for me to have a prayer of breaking it.

It tightens. “Speak.”

I lick my lips nervously, eyes squeezing shut where he can’t see them as my mouth opens, giving in so easily to that one, cold word. “I just took her to the old barn on fifty-third.”

“You’re skipping parts. Car first, then the barn.”

“All she did was give me a handjob!” I bark, cursing and attempting to rip my head out of his hand.

He hums under his breath, and says, “Well, since your hands are out of the question, we’ll just do this.” Before I can ask what this is, his hands are leaving my face in favor of my pants.

“Woah!” I thrash backwards wildly at the first touch of his fingers on my button. It hardly even fazes him. Instead, he presses into me, traps me between him and a freezing flat surface. He reaches in, finds my cock and wraps those thick, rough fingers around it. He gives it a stroke and my hips buck, my teeth biting into my lip as he guides me out, exposing my dick to the chill of the room.

I shiver, horror flooding through me as he tightens his grip on me, lets me feel every callous-toughened inch on my smooth skin. This is definitely not the hand of a woman, he says with his touch, mocking me with it as he pumps me in his tight fist. Despite the fact, I can feel myself reacting, heat pooling in my stomach as he strokes his heavy, calloused thumb across my head. I twitch to life in his hand, lips parting in horrified wonder at the delirious pleasure of being jerked off in such a hot fist. And I’m glad then that I can’t see him. His expression can only possibly be taunting my weakness to pleasure. I lean my head back on whatever’s behind me, biting at my lip at how slow his touch is. It’s nothing like how Maryanne had touched me. She wanted me to come. He wants me to beg.

“Faster,” I murmur at last, “she jerked me faster.”

Another chuckle. “And? Did she make you come?”

No. “Yes,” I breathe on a sigh, hips lifting into his teasingly light grip.

His lips find my ear. “I don’t believe you,” he whispers, his hand completely avoiding my head. He takes my earlobe into his mouth, nipping it with his teeth and teasing it with his tongue. I shudder, swelling in his hand and exposing my neck to his mouth. “Good boy,” he praises in a husky murmur, his thumb rubbing my head round and round as his lips descend on my skin.

His kisses are hot and lingering, like he’s frenching my neck and loving every second of it. The idea makes me drip. He smears my juices down my length, mouthing at my neck as my shaft jerks in his grip. I want to come. If I could, I’d fist my hair at how beyond ridiculous this is. I’m being jerked off by a man, and I like it. There’s no denying it, either. Here I am, wet and hard and held in a tight, coarse fist that could only ever belong to a man. And he knows it, revels in it as he stops touching me altogether.

I groan, body hot and throbbing as I sag back against the cold surface. I can still feel his touch, it sizzles across my throat and dick, and makes me ache like some pathetic bitch in heat. But I don’t mind nearly as much as I should. Instead, my lips are opening and words are spilling out. “I kissed her and brought her inside. She gave me her underwear, and I fucked her until she cried.”

He doesn’t say anything just slams his lips on mine and tugs at my dick. I pant into his mouth, head spinning at the ease in which his tongue dominates my mouth. I can hardly think beyond trying to keep up and not turn to mush, but I certainly notice when his hands yank down my pants. They hit my knees and then I’m kicking them off, swaying into his chest as he gives my shaft one last long pull. It’s when he sticks his fingers into my mouth that I realize something I should’ve a long, long while ago: I’m not the one doing the fucking this time.

I remember my words then. Until she cried. Despite my obvious fate, I find myself getting hotter. I suck on his fingers readily, licking and stroking at every single one as if they’re the sweetest candies ever to enter my mouth. He groans, and then they’re gone, curling over my hip and finding my crack. I sway into him, lips parted in wonder as he wets my hole with his fingers, caressing it back and forth and back and forth. I gasp when on a random pass he slides a finger into me.

“Good boy,” he praises, his other hand kneading my ass cheek as the hot, slick digit pushes inward.

I moan at the wicked thrill that moves through me at his words and touch. Tonight, I’m going to let a man fuck me. His finger gets a friend, and the two of them curl up into something that makes my entire body light up like fireworks. I bury my head in his neck, legs trembling and back arching as he rubs it round and round until I see white and my cock is shooting with abandon, emptying a load onto us.

“St-stop,” I gasp, hands fisting as he continues playing with it, rolling and pushing on that spot until I’m fully hard again and trembling on the verge of coming once more.

“Come,” he says lowly by my ear, shoving his fingers hard into my sweet spot. I do so with a muffled scream into his neck. My legs give out as my cock twitches and jerks and spurts erratically. Dangling by my wrists, I feel almost grateful when he lifts me up by my thighs and settles my legs around his hips. “Such a good, good boy.”

I moan pitifully, leaning into his chest and tugging at my aching wrists. “I want to touch you.”

“Say please.”

I whine the word, sighing in relief when the bonds come undone. Weaving my fingers through his hair, I pull his mouth down to mine and kiss him feverishly. I want it, I admit readily, arching my back and rubbing myself on the hard bulge of his pants. “Fuck me.”

He groans, tells me what a good boy I am and wets his cock in his slicked fingers. I feel him at my entrance then, waves of his heat crashing against me just before his thick, ridiculously big head shoves its way into me. I squirm on the large bulbous tip, lips parting in disbelief at how scalding hot and wide it is. He burns me on it, branding me deeper and deeper with every thickening inch until my hole tingles numbly and he yanks me down the last few inches. I can taste him on my tongue he’s so far in me, and it makes me impossibly hard and eager to feel his cum spill into my stomach.

“You should see your face, boy,” he murmurs in his thick, hard voice, “you want this cock so bad you’re drooling.” I lift my hands to my face, but he quickly pins them down, holding them against the thing behind me as he gives me a sharp thrust of his hips. I moan like a bitch. Feeling him rub his thickness on that spot does incredible, sick things to me. He entwines our fingers, pressing me hard into the wall as he pulls out and dives back in. He does it over and over and over until I’m nothing but another woman on his cock, crying his name and begging to come.

Instead of giving me what I want, he pulls out of me, sets me on my feet, and turns me around. I stick my ass out without thought, hands flat against what can only possibly be a wall, and welcome him back into me. He fists my hair and smacks my ass as he pounds me into nothing, whispering in my ear that Maryanne can hear me and that he’s nowhere near done.

He takes me hard and fast and mercilessly keeps telling me all the things he’s been wanting to do to me, all the times he saw me and wanted nothing more than to fuck that smug smirk off my face. When I’m on the verge of coming he stops, bites my ear and makes me come by squeezing on his dick and listening to his words. In bright, colorful words, he describes all the ways he can punish me with cuffs and cocks and dirty, dirty games that make me squirm. I can hardly stand it. Every dark, taunting word that leaves his mouth makes my dick drizzle my juices down my legs, makes me realize that I’m no better than the girls I make go home with wet thighs and dripping cunts.

And I know when he rams in ball’s deep and relieves himself in me that I like it.

“My good boy,” he says as I spread my legs wider, let him sink all the way into my drenched heat, fist my hair, and yank me up and down that thick, thick cock of his. Mr. Oakley’s lips find my ear and I’m submerged in the scent of sex, the feeling of his skin smacking against mine, and the sound of being called a “good boy” over and over again until it’s all that my ears can recognize.

|| Part Two: Here ||


5.b) Summertime Madness Part Two

Hehe so it’s been over a year . . . 

I apologize. Here’s the link to part one, in case you missed it.

Jake’s lips part and then my tongue is rubbing against my best friend’s like it’s the most natural thing to do. He kisses me like he’s drowning, so, so eager that I can’t help but be infected, giving into his pace without a fight. I grab onto his thighs, hitch him up and feel his legs wrap around me. He makes this soft little noise in the back of his throat as he rises up against me, and I have to fight the urge to turn around and get him on the bed, to get him under me and pinned down. Utterly unaware, he smiles into our kiss and rubs his stiff dick on my straining cock.

And I just snap.

I spin and practically throw him onto the bed, watching him bounce up, eyes going wide, before I’m on him. I push his hair off his face and meld my lips to his, my leg sliding in between his, not stopping until I can feel his erection on my thigh. His lips open so willingly for me, his hands clutching at the front of my shirt, popping open a few buttons. I tangle my tongue with his, lose myself in the pleasure of kissing him. Jacob arches his back, presses his soft stomach against my hard cock, and smiles mischievously against me.

“You want me,” he whispers and then I’m on my back with my stiffy once again dangerously close to his ass. He grinds on me, rubs our erections together and makes this soft little moan of a noise.

I reach for him without thought, propping myself up on an elbow and going for his thick, wavy hair with the other hand. He does a slow little rolling motion with his hips and pushes me down by my shoulders. His hands drift across my arms, sliding over my long sleeves and settling on my wrists. I let him hold me down, let him hover those sweet lips above mine, and revel in the way he rests himself on me, feeling secure in the fact that I won’t try to overcome him.

Finally, his mouth makes contact with mine and it’s all I can do to keep still and not give into the light touch. He moves his lips against me slowly, teasingly, like he knows I have no intention of kissing back. Then they break apart and enwrap my bottom lip, his tongue sliding out to wet me. I feel it snake back and forth, my eyes slipping closed as my head fills with uninvited ideas for where else Jacob could lick me. When he pulls away I almost sigh my relief, my cock pulsing madly for his attention.

His hair tickles my chin, makes me tilt my head away, and then a pair of soft, moist lips press against my throat. I groan, hands curling into fists as he sucks at my skin, not hard enough to make a mark, but enough so that I know he wants to.

“Jacob,” I warn him, but make no move to break free of his grasp.

Instead, I just lay there as he drifts towards my collar bone, nudging aside my shirt’s collar with his face. His breath bursts across my exposed chest and I realize that maybe, possibly, him opening my shirt wasn’t really an accident. I curse under my breath, my eyes lifting to the headboard as he gives the dip between my pecs a long, slow lick. His lips settle just above my heart and starts sucking hard, trying to pull my skin into his mouth. Yet again, my mind fills with pictures of him on his knees, head tipped back and mouth open for my cock. My hips buck without thought, effectively dislodging him from my chest.

I pull my hands out of his and grab onto the full swells of his ass, hitching him up my front and slamming my lips on his. I push his ass down, make him feel my steely shaft twitching for his attention. He sways down on me, lips parting on a breathy pant for air. I dip my tongue in between them, suck his tongue into my mouth and nip it with my teeth, massaging him after for all I’m worth. I roll over, get him back underneath me and grind up hard against him. He moans for me, his fingers weaving into my hair, yanking viciously as I do it again.

It’s official. I want to fuck him, want to get my hands in his pants and hear him scream my name when I make him come. My gut tightens, head tipping back on a throaty groan of frustration. He peppers my jaw and throat with kisses, hips lifting into the pressure of mine. I reach down between us, cup his engorged dick through his pants, and listen to him gasp when I massage him with little rolls of my fingers. I rub him up and down the best I can through his jeans, feeling absolutely starved when I see him writhe.

His hands fist my shirt above the swells of my biceps, his eyes fluttering closed as he swivels his hips, tries his hardest to get himself off. “Seth,” he practically whimpers. My lower half throbs.

I shut my eyes and bury my face against the side of his neck, hands fusing to his hips and pulling up as I thrust forward. He cries out, barely muffling himself with his hands as I suck on his neck, kiss him over and over as we slide against each other, rubbing and humping and colliding together in a desperate mutual need to come. I can feel the heat rising, my movements becoming erratic, my balls pulling taut. But before I can come, Jacob sucks in a sharp breath, his body faltering. I quickly push his hands aside, my mouth closing over his just in time. His cry vibrates my teeth and sounds so incredibly sweet to my ears as the heat flows right out of me, my cum shooting free.

I rest my forehead on his and chuckle to myself, my breath ragged. “I haven’t done that since high school.”

He smiles, his arms coming up around my neck as his head tips back, slightly letting our lips brush together. “I haven’t done that ever.”

My lips curl around a smirk. I nudge his nose with mine and tease, “So I’m your first, then?” I meant it as a joke; everyone in our group knows that Jake is a virgin.

But then I feel his fingers fidget at the base of my neck.

“What?” I push up off of him, my voice full of disbelief, “You had sex? When? Where? With who?!”

He looks at me almost apologetically. And he must sense just how much emphasis I put on the last question because all he says is: “Raf.”

Rafael. Fucking Raf of all fucking people? He’s not even gay! He’s like the poster child of heterosexual assholiness! “You’re lying,” my voice comes out flat, emotionless, “tell me you’re lying.” I know he’s not. He’s not avoiding eye contact or chewing on his bottom lip. He’s telling the truth.

Rafael fucked my best friend.

I’m off the bed in seconds, popping my shirt’s buttons back in place, and heading towards the door. I don’t even know what I plan to do, I just know I want air. I want to be outside where the air is freshest and breathe it all in so deep my lungs might pop. I take all of two steps before Jake is at my shoulder, clinging to my arm.

“Seth! I didn’t know what to do back then. You had gotten your first girlfriend that lasted more than two weeks and you told me you’d had sex and I was just so confused!”

Turn towards him. Comfort him. You have no right to be this angry. Don’t take it out on him. I open my mouth to tell him it’s alright and that I’m just being unreasonable, but all that comes out is: “You fucked Raf of all people.”

And as if that isn’t bad enough, at that moment the door swings open and in steps Rafael, my bags in his hands.

He just kind of stands there, looking between me and Jacob, kneeling at the foot of our bed, for a while. Without thinking, I step between them, arms crossing over my chest.

He nods in understanding. “So you know, then. Sorry, man, it only went on for like three months tops.”

I haven’t played football in a while, but I recall most of it when I rush my friend, slam him back against the door across the hall. My body works on autopilot, holding him in place with one forearm across his shoulders. And then my fist is plowing into his ribcage and I’m hearing the most satisfying grunt of my life. Somewhere in the distance, there are feet pounding up the stairs, voices shouting at me from all directions, but all I can really hear is the absolute silence within my head.

Someone pulls me back and I willingly go with them, slumping against the opposite wall and watching on as the girls and Jacob flounder around a slightly hunched over Rafael. Matt’s hands clap against my cheeks, shaking my head slightly back and forth.

“Hey!” He practically shouts, “You in there? The dead fish eyes thing is creeping me the fuck out, man.”

I blink hard, my ears ringing, and when I open them I can hear everything clearly again. There’s no longer a slightly muffled quality to life. I shake off Matt’s hands and nod once. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.”

“Fine?” Andrea asks incredulously, “Fine?! You just attacked Raf for no reason! Apologize or something, Seth.”

Before I can tell her that there’s no way in Hell that I’d say sorry, the so-called victim himself speaks up. “No, no, it’s fine. I probably deserve it for all the things I did to–”

“Mother fucker.” I step forward, ready to nail him in the head this time, but Matty and Kelsy cement themselves to my front, making all sorts of calming noises in an effort to appease me. It might’ve worked, but over their heads I can just barely make out Raf smiling down at a very familiar brunet. “I’m gonna kill him.”

“You can’t kill Rafael!” The twins squeal together, pushing hard against my chest, trying to pin me to the wall.

I frown down at them. “Not Raf, you idiots, Jacob.”

The entire group stops what they’re doing, not daring to even breathe it seems. Slowly, cautiously, Kelsy opens her mouth, “What did you just say?” I glare down at her, not feeling inclined in the slightest to play her little game.

“Jacob?” Andrea says the word slowly, acting like she’s never heard it before.

“Not Jake?” Matt slowly steps away from me, looking towards the smaller boy with a raised brow. “What did you do?”

Jacob’s hands go behind his back.

He’s uncomfortable.

Without thinking, I step forward, effectively drawing back everyone’s attention. “As far as I can tell, this isn’t any–”

“I slept with Jake.”

“Oh, Jesus,” Andrea sighs deeply, resting her forehead in her palm.

“Woah!” Kelsy breathes under her breath, looking unsurely between all three of us, her eyes lingering on me.

“Seth just seemed to find out when I entered the room.”

Matty shakes his head, his hand clapping down on my shoulder. “Sorry, man.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I shrug him off, “nice little reminiscing session we’ve got going on here, but I’d much rather do it over some drinks.” My mouth automatically pulls back into the smile I usually save for way too pushy girls. It seems to do the trick, letting the atmosphere loosen up as everyone else smiles back, wholeheartedly agreeing.

“We have jello shots in the cooler! We were just in the process of getting them all out,” Kelsy says excitedly, looking to me as if she needs my approval.

I stretch the smile a little wider and use a hand on her back to nudge her forward. “What’re you waiting for, then?” The group starts excitedly talking amongst themselves about all the different drinks we can use to get drunk, and only stops when they realize I’m not following them downstairs. “Ah, sorry, guys, I have to shower first.”

They nod and tell me to hurry down, disappearing down the creaky steps. Sighing, I turn and head into my room, quickly undoing all the buttons of my shirt, and dropping it onto the floor. I keep my eyes away from the bed and my back to the person lingering in the doorway as I pick up my fallen duffle bag and set it down on the dresser beside the door to the bathroom.

When I have a new outfit picked out, I press my palms into the edge of the wood, and call out, “How long do you plan on silently watching me?”

“That depends,” Jacob says, the floorboards squeaking when he steps deeper into the room, “how long before you’ll look at me?”

I sigh, eyes slipping closed in defeat. Determinedly, I turn around, park my ass on the dresser and force the edges of my lips upwards. “Happy?”

His eyes blink rapidly, his hands curling at his sides. I’m upsetting him. He might cry. My stomach knots in on itself. “Not like that,” he cries pitifully, “don’t look at me like that!”

“Like what?”

He shakes his head, bottom lip quivering.

I turn my back to him, listen to him sniffle as I yank back closed the zippers to my bag. I shouldn’t feel bad or angry. He didn’t do anything wrong. I did. I am. I rub at my forehead, feeling infinitely frustrated with myself, and try again. This time when I turn around, I don’t smile, I just keep my eyes on his, not allowing myself to look anywhere else. I don’t want to read him. I don’t want to know exactly how he’s feeling.

“You lied to me. You still don’t trust me enough to tell me anything about your personal life. And even though I’ve never kept a secret from you, never tried to hide what I’m doing or who I’m seeing,” I look towards the ceiling, smiling ruefully, “everything I find out about you is either through your overly honest body or somebody else. You confuse me and toy with me and turn me on and piss me off to no end.” I take a deep breath and try to quell the nauseous feeling of hurting him, of listening to him quietly crying to himself.

He hiccups when I look back down at him, his face bright pink and irritated from his tears. He doesn’t meet my gaze. He stares at the ground and seems to wither away beneath it.

I cuss under my breath and snag my clothes off the dresser. “Today, I figured out I liked you, and not in that younger brother kind of way I thought I did.”

His watery eyes fill with hope, and he takes a hesitant step my way, “Seth, I–”

“But now, now I can’t help but wonder about so many things. You were best friends with Raf first, you two were inseparable, and then seemingly overnight, I took his place. Is this how you get people to sleep with you? Am I just some sort of stepping stone in a long line of others? Was this your plan the whole time?” I rub my temples with my free hand but the aching between my ears won’t go away. “Just . . . be out of my room by the time I’m done in the bathroom.”

He calls out for me, but I cut him off with a hard slam of the door. I don’t want to hear his voice right now. It seems like everything that comes out of his mouth when I can’t see him is a lie.

“Fuck,” I grind my teeth together and turn on the water, more than ready to be rid of any evidence that I fell for his tricks.


I jog down the stairs, feeling pretty refreshed after my shower. I can hear the ruckus of the group throughout the whole cabin, and follow it down the long central hallway to the den. There, surrounded in the furs of Andrea’s great grandfather’s prey, my five friends sit on the wooden floor, a plethora of shots and glass bottles displayed in the center of their circle. I take a seat between Kelsy and the couch, leaning against it as I reach into the center.

“Seth baby!” Kelsy squeals into my ear as my fingers curl around the neck of a tall bottle of Jack Daniels. She sways into me, resting her back on my chest, and points unsteadily across the circle at Jacob. “You’re a bad boy! You made him cry.”

I spare him a glance, but he’s looking anywhere but at me. “He’s a big boy, Kels. He’s fine.”

“More importantly!” Andrea exclaims, one arm slung around Raf’s and Matt’s shoulders, “you’re just in time to play my favorite game.”

“Oh, no,” I playfully groan, taking a quick gulp of my drink. It burns nicely, warming me up well enough considering I usually go for something stronger.

“Oh, yes,” she wiggles her eyebrows my way, “it’s time for . . .  naked Twister!” The whole room explodes in protests, to which Andrea cackles like the maniacal witch she is. “I’m kidding. I’m kidding!”

“Why don’t we skip the games tonight,” Matthew suggests, quickly looking my way and then pretending he didn’t, “our teams are gonna be all screwy otherwise.”

The witch makes a soft oo-ing noise, apparently having forgotten the earlier debacle in her fun. “No teams, then?”

“We could play that king game again. I liked that one!” Kelsy says, reaching her hand out and stealing my drink. She takes a sip of it and then grimaces, looking up at me from her spot slumped against my chest. “Since when do you like Jack?”

I roll my eyes and look towards Matty. “When are you going to build up her tolerance to alcohol? It feels like I’m babysitting over here.”

He smirks. “No one told you to sit next to her. Would you rather have Andrea trying to cuddle you?”

“True, true,” I nod and wrap my arms around his sister, pulling her up into my lap. “What drink do you want next, sis?”

She does this weird little giggle-snort mix and halfheartedly tries to get away. “It’s so weird! Somebody help! Andreaa!”

“No shouting in the den!”

“Andreaa, I want to play king!”

I look towards the mama hen, making my best attempt at puppy eyes for her. She huffs and shuffles around, looking over the sea of empty bottles behind her. Finally, she turns back towards the group with a triumphant grin and a deck of cards. She pulls out numbers two through six and the king card, and while she’s shuffling, I ask Kelsy to fill me in.

“So,” she begins, her gaze intent, “this is like a game of dare but without being able to know who you’re daring. The king gives out dares and then calls out the numbers that have to do it, so whoever’s king is in charge, but they can only give out three dares.”

I nod. It seems simple enough. Now I just have to hope that none of my friends become king or things are going to get very perverted very fast.

Some of the bottles are cleared away and then the cards are laid down flat in front of everybody. On the count of three, we all reach in and pick up our card, holding it close to see what we got.

I’m number six. I curse under my breath and look around for some smiling shit-eater. Surprisingly, I don’t spot any. Which means one of my worst nightmares has come true. Putting Kelsy in charge of anyone is a bad idea. She has a tendency to go too far very quickly once she gets into anything, making her the worst person to ever compare to higher up royalty.

“Kelsy’s the king!” Andrea declares loudly, looking almost pleased.

“Aw yiss,” Kelsy rubs her hands together evilly and scrambles onto the couch. Everyone quickly places their cards face down so she can’t see them. “Numbers two and three kiss!”

Raf and Matt look around, make eye contact, and turn green. Kelsy screams like a banshee, bouncing up and down as if she’s been electrocuted. I eye the two men with very real pity as they inch towards each other, creeping forward on their hands and knees. Their faces come closer and closer, and at the last second turn, so they’re only kissing each other’s cheeks.

Andrea howls with laughter at their victory, pointing mockingly at a pouting Kelsy. Kelsy glares right back and angrily says, “Numbers four and six,” I tilt my head back to look at her, “are banished to the closet for seven minutes!” Well, that was rather tame. The king looks at Andrea, waiting for her to stand, but the other girl doesn’t.

I almost laugh at Kelsy’s failed attempt at punishing Andrea until it dawns on me that if the mama hen isn’t going in with me, then that can only mean one thing.

The group seems to realize the same thing and suddenly the light atmosphere is evaporating. I take in all the serious, concerned faces of my friends, and sigh, getting to my feet. In an effort to save the mood, I force a lighthearted smile and bow to them, reaching my hand out for Jacob to grab onto.

“What is he, a princess?” Kelsy giggles, making most of the others laugh along with her.

“Oh, please,” I joke, fingers curling around his and tugging him up against me, “one princess is already too much to handle.”

Jacob stays completely silent and tense as the rest of the group starts cracking jokes about how spoiled Matty’s made Kelsy. Not bothering to wait, I make my way to the hallway, towing my unwilling partner behind me. Across the hall is the largest closet on the property, so I drop his hand and step inside. He seems to hesitate on the threshold, his fingers fidgeting at his sides.

“Come on, the sooner we start, the sooner the seven minutes is up.”

He closes the door behind him, effectively sealing us in chest to chest, packed together like a pair of sardines. Thankfully, the space isn’t completely dark since the door jam seems to be a bit too big for the actual door, giving us a good deal of light. The only complaint I have, besides the obvious, are the wooden shelves pressing uncomfortably against my spine, but I bear it, knowing that if I move away from them, I’ll end up giving Jacob the wrong idea.

“I didn’t lie to you,” he says softly.

I scoff and take a glance at my phone’s screen. “Don’t bother, Jacob.”

“Well, when else am I supposed to talk to you?”

“Anytime during the three months you were screwing Rafael, but that’s just common decency between pals, wouldn’t expect you to know anything about it.”

He huffs. “You’re being childish!”

“I know, hence why I don’t want to talk to you!”

“Then, don’t talk. You did all the talking last time, so now it’s my turn!” I bite my tongue and stand there. Not like there’s anything else to do. “I didn’t sleep with him on purpose–”

“Oh, come on! So you just fell onto his dick?”

“Shut up! I might have, but I don’t know. The first time, I was drunk when he found me, and then suddenly it was morning and I was very, very–

“Spare me the details, princess.”

“Fine. After that, I was really unsure of a lot of things, like why I was jealous of your girlfriend in the first place and why I liked you so much and why I did that with Raf. I was a teenager, Seth; my hormones were all over the place, and I was so fucking confused. It was so much easier to just hook up with someone familiar than to tell a straight guy that I would very much like to personally experience all of the stories he told me. Do you know how terrified I was of you finding out? You play football! You’re huge. You fuck anything with a vagina and leave a trail of testosterone anywhere you go! I read so many stories about people like you beating the shit out of people like me for even mentioning the word gay.”

I clench my jaw. “You thought I would hit you?”

“Wouldn’t you? Didn’t you hit Raf today? And you said you wanted to kill me!”

After I came just from rubbing against you,” I have to swallow hard to keep from remembering it, quickly changing the subject to avoid anymore talk about it, “I would never hit you. Rafael is a different story. He’s like the walking Hulk; he can take a few punches and then some.”

“But . . .” he trembles against me, his voice growing softer, “the way you looked at me, Seth! Don’t you hate me? Aren’t you disgusted by what we did?”

I push my fingers through my hair and shake my head. “When the fuck did I say that?”

He finally looks up at me, his face shrouded in shadows. “You don’t have to say it for me to know, idiot. I’m your best friend. I may not be some weird sort of psychic like you, but I can at least read your expressions!”

“You suck at reading me, then.” Even though I know the time isn’t up, I still reach around behind him and grab at the handle. I open the door and squeeze past him.

“Seth,” he calls after me, following behind as I head for the kitchen.

I sigh, scrub my fingers over my face as we pass the den, and turn right into my destination. Surprisingly, all the counters are clean, void of alcohol in any shape or form. How disappointing. Moving around the island in the middle of the room, I head straight for the fridge.

Just as I’m reaching for the handle, Jacob slides in around me, his entire body pressed against the door. I lift an eyebrow at him, unimpressed. “You do realize that I’m by far the stronger of the two of us, right?”

His jaw clenches. “You won’t hurt me. You said so yourself.”

Sighing, I look him over once. “You’re trembling. Get out of the way.”

“Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?” He smiles sheepishly up at me.

I roll my eyes and lean into him, let my face come within an inch of his. “I can handle the heat. You can’t.”

He eyes me determinedly, not backing down. “Can you? Every time I try to talk seriously with you, you either walk away or tell me to.”

I roll my eyes heavenward and push off away from the fridge, settling down against the island instead. “Haven’t I heard everything you have to say? Why are you still pestering me?”

He crosses his arms over his chest, mimicking my positioning. “What else am I supposed to do to make you listen to me? Fade away into the night?” I grit my teeth, knowing that if I open my mouth I’ll say something stupid, like yes, and then he’ll do something even dumber, listen to me. “I won’t, even if you tell me to.”

I frown at him. “Why not?”

“I lied,” I fling my hands in the air, mouth opening to say I knew it, when he continues, “I didn’t become friends with you because I thought you were cool . . . or at least not in the way you thought I meant. And I didn’t just suddenly stop being best friends with Rafael, either. I’ve liked you for a long, long time, like before you even knew I existed, because Raf took me to one of your home games. And you were so fast and strong, and then you took off your helmet and your hair looked like the most delicious lion’s mane I have ever seen and–”

“Did you just call my hair delicious?”

“Focus, Seth! And then I kept seeing you in the halls and you had so many fans. And then Andrea invited you and all of us out and I thought I was gonna die I was so happy! And you liked me. You told me that you liked me and wanted to hang out! And then–”

“Okay, okay I get it!” I fight back a smile and shake my head, “I accidentally became friends with a crazy stalker fan.”

He tries to protest but gives up before even saying anything. Instead, he just leans towards me, watching my face, his eyes intense, focused. “I love you, and I,” he falters and takes a deep breath, stepping hesitantly my way, “I think you love me, too.” Another step. “Or maybe I’m just being hopeful,” another, “but you didn’t dislike kissing me or holding me.”

I watch him warily, for once not able to read his body language and kind of enjoying it. This Jacob is a new one. His steps are languid, graceful, as if he’s not on land but back in the water, doing all those entrancing different styles of swimming. I can’t help but react, my every muscle tensing, hands sliding back to grab onto the counter. I want to touch him. Fuck, I almost groan when his hand touches down on my chest, sliding up as his body leans into me.

“You like me,” he says in a whisper, his eyes locking with mine. There’s something different there, too. The usual soft brown has turned molten, tempting.

“What,” I clear my throat, trying to rid it of some of its scratchiness, “are you doing?”

He smiles faintly up at me, and I lean in without thought, my eyes stuck on the soft curl of his lips. “I’m showing you what I usually try to hide.”

I hum, my hands slipping away from the counter in favor of grasping his hips. “And that would be?”

“How much I want you.” His head tips back, tongue snaking across his bottom lip.

I pull him closer. “Seduction,” I slide one of my hands’ fingers into his hair and pull backwards, “won’t solve any of our problems.” My lips find his neck, my breath bringing up goosebumps along his skin. It feels so good to touch him again that I willingly forget for a moment that I was mad in the first place.

“I know,” he says, hands drifting back along my waist, “but I don’t care if you only ever want me for sex, so long as you’ll be mine when we’re together.”

The words come out softly, innocently, but they manage to jar me back to reality where that is an incredibly fucked up thing to say. I sigh against him, my arms curling around him and hugging him to my chest. “I’m not that kind of person, Jake, and you know it.”

His hands grab at my shoulders, attempt to push me away, but I won’t budge. This is awful, I finally acknowledge, completely fed up with this festering knot in my stomach. I shouldn’t be jealous. I’m in my senior year of college; I have no right to linger on what happened during my high school days. I didn’t even think of Jake in that way before.

I huff and let him go.

Part Three: Coming Sooner than 1+ year, I promise!

5.a) Summertime Madness

This is only part one. The second half is still in the making, but a link to it will be posted at the end once it’s up. Please enjoy at your leisure!

“Seth,” someone calls out.

I groan and try to turn away from them. The person gasps and I frown, hands closing around their bony hips. My eyebrows furrow, all the blood in my body rushing South at the feeling of something hot and soft enfolding my cock. I lift my hips. “Fuck,” I say breathily, leaning forward and pulling them down. The softness clenches, strokes me just right.


“Shut up, Jake, you know how much I love your ass,” I hiss back at him, body lifting to better enjoy the heaven that is my best friend’s plush behind.

He squirms on my lap and I make a show of groaning throatily by his ear. The person sitting next to me gags. “Andrea, Seth and Jake are being gross again!”

I open my eyes, arms curling around Jake’s waist, holding him tight against my morning wood, and rest my head on his shoulder.

Per every other time that I’ve woken up, I still see the same old car full of my lame ass friends. There’s the mama hen in the driver’s seat, also known as Andrea. We call her that mainly because of her reddish-brown hair and tendency to mother us. Beside her is the grouchy Hispanic, Rafael, with his black hair tousled in the most tangled and knotty bedhead I have ever seen. Sitting next to me are the identical twins Kelsy and Matthew. They look like angels with bright blue eyes and soft, flawless porcelain skin, but really only one of them is good – Matty. Kelsy is a twisted little devil who likes tying up her boyfriends and making them wear collars. Terrifying.

Last but not least, there’s Jacob, the big bootied boy sitting on my lap. He’s a cute little thing with big, brown eyes and the best ass I’ve ever seen. It’s perky and perfectly round, and when he walks it looks firm, but it feels so soft when I touch it. His ass is magical. So magical, in fact, that sometimes when I see him bending over from behind – especially when his hairless, toned legs are bare – he looks like a woman. Fortunately, my dear little Jake is a swimmer, so whenever I want to, I can pop into his house and see his fine ass do magic in the clingiest bathing suit I’ve ever seen. I live a blessed life.

Kelsy glares at me, her button nose turned up into the air. I chuckle and flick her the bird from Jake’s lap. “You’re just jealous you’re skinny enough to sit in the middle and Jake isn’t.”

She huffs. “He is though!”

“Really?” I slide my hands between us and grab great big handfuls of his ass. “I don’t think he’d be very comfy having to squeeze all of this into that narrow little place.”

Her twin, Mathew, leans over his sister, his eyes lingering on Jake’s face. “To be fair,” he says with a smirk, “I don’t think he’s all that comfortable having your dick up his backside every time you wake up either, though.”

I scoff and hug myself to him, barely resisting the urge to grind upwards. “Oh please! He loves it! He hasn’t had any action in years.”

He pushes my hands off of him and turns, presents his back to our friends and glares down at me. “You know I can feel your boner, right?”

I smirk and curl one arm around his back, offering my support. “Of course, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Why don’t you tell them my lap is infinitely better than Kelsy’s seat and I’ll give you a blowjob?”

“You know,” Jake drawls, his tone playful, “most everyone else thinks of the physical act of head, not the alcoholic shot, right?” I nod. “Alright, you owe me a BJ. Kelsy, I’d rather sit on his dick than that seat.”

“Ewww, Andrea, Seth and Jacob are talking about oral sex again!” Kelsey squeals.

The brunette up front sighs heavily. “Kids, I know it’s hard to get along when in a cramped, shitty car for fourteen hours, but if you could just try for like two more hours, we’ll have enough space for everyone to breathe again.”

“Why is it that whenever we annoy her now, she refers to us as her babies?” I ask Jake as seriously as possible.

He shrugs and throws his arms around my shoulders. “I really do not know, darling! Why don’t you tell me more about how unfair it is?”

“I shall,” I exclaim with a smile, “it should be no problem, right? I mean, after all, we’re all the same age.”

“Actually . . . Matt is technically the youngest,” Kelsy says, snickering under her breath when her brother begins to protest but gives up mid-word.

“So what are we going to do when we get there?” Andrea interjects.

I tap my chin thoughtfully and raise my eyebrows at my friends. The twins look right back, their pale blue eyes filling with excitement.

“Alcohol!” They shout in unison.

“Aye, pendejos, someone’s still sleeping!” Rafael grumbles from the passenger seat, pulling his hat down to cover up his eyes from the sun.

“Oops,” Kelsy whispers, smiling brightly, “I forgot Mr. Grouch was still hungover.”

“Hey, chicita, I can still hear you, so unless you want your bartender friend to give you shitty drinks, you should keep that pretty mouth shut.”

“Aww, he called me pretty, guys!” Kelsy gushes, fanning her face and looking towards the roof of the car as if she’s tearing up.

Smirking, I scoot back in my seat and wait for Jake to settle in against me before leaning in, presenting my mouth to his ear. “I bet you twenty bucks, this time they bang,” I tell him in a whisper.

His chest vibrates on a low chuckle and then he’s turning his head towards me and murmuring back, “Do you even have a twenty on you?”

“No,” I flash him a charming smile, “but the better question is: do you?”

He snorts. “You’re so full of it! Every time we go anywhere, you say they’re gonna do it, but they never do. You owe me like one hundred dollars at this point!”

“Hey, hey, are you trying to say my word’s no good?”

He nods, unapologetic. “What were your words when I sat in your lap for this trip again? ‘I won’t hump you after I nap’? Such BS!”

I can’t help but laugh at that one. “Alright, alright, that’s true, but you know how much I like big asses!”

He sways down on me. “Long enough to still be poking me?”

He makes a move like he’s gonna do it again, and I quickly grab onto his waist, pulling him to a stop. “That’s not even fair. I haven’t jerked off in a few days, so it’s taking a while. You moving doesn’t exactly help.”

He ignores me and full out grinds. I curse, cock twitching, but don’t make a move to stop him. “That right? Is this not helping you out?” He teases, finding amusement in giving me blue balls.

“You’re such,” I hesitate, jaw clenching when he rubs down harder, “a dick. At least offer me dinner before trying half-assed to get me off. You gays have no class.”

He laughs in that light way of his, sounding about as merry as Saint Nick. “Please. Like you could come from a guy’s touch.”

“Hey! No flirting in my car!” Andrea shouts, to the unending frustration of Rafael and amusement of Kelsy.

I look between the two and then cast a smirk Jake’s way. “Forget the money, I want a blowjob if they sleep together.” I hold my pinky out and watch amusement overcome my best friend’s face as we lock fingers.

“I get sex on the beach, then.”

“That’s for girls.”

“It’s delicious.”


I laugh and roll my eyes, looking out the window to watch the trees go by.


“Hey, Andrea, when exactly are we gonna get there? I have to piss and I haven’t seen a sign for a pit stop for miles,” I grumble, tired of looking at the same damn wall of green.

Instead of answering, she holds up her phone, presenting me with an image of a map. I look at it dumbly for a minute and then Jake’s pointing to the time printed in the corner.

“Five minutes until you can piss in the woods,” he says.

I sigh dreamily and hug him close. “Oh, honey, you know my needs so well!”

“You two are so gay,” Rafael says from the front, now fully awake and crunching on Cheez-Itz.

Jake gasps and covers my ears, clinging to my head. He tries to make his voice as feminine as possible when he exclaims, “Don’t listen to his words, darling! None of it is true!”

“Exhibit a,” Raf mocks right back.

“No, no, no, only one of them is gay,” Kelsy supplies, “that’s why they’ve only ever done it doggy style.”

The Hispanic twists around and looks mildly offended. “Are you poking fun at an ass lover?”

She nods. “I am.”

“I can respect that,” he says and turns back around.

“Jake,” Matt interjects, “if you get tired of being on your knees, I’m more of a missionary man myself.”


“Really?” I lean forward and look Matty up and down, “I always took you for a closet lesbian.”

“A pillow princess,” Jake supplies with an agreeing nod.

“Kelsy stop screaming. This is a small, tight space,” Raf scolds. I look towards Jake, eyebrows wiggling. He gives a short chuckle and returns to playing on his phone.

“Alright, children, we’re here. Mi cabin es su cabin!” Andrea announces as the car comes to a stop.

“Mi cabina es su cabina. Chingate,” Rafael mutters as he throws his door open and practically leaps free.

Andrea leans on the roof, arms crossed over the chipped blue paint. “You got something to say, Chicano?”

“Yeah, gringa,” Raf calls right back, his body stretched out towards the sky, “learn the language already!”

Jake taps on the glass of our window, hoping to get Andrea’s attention before she starts lecturing about how hard it is to learn Spanish. Unfortunately for all us little folk in the back, she’s already switching languages, diving head first into polyglot rant land. Without batting an eyelash, Jake and I look towards Kelsy.

She meets our gazes evenly. “I hate you all,” she says, but leans forward anyways, getting on her knees between the driver and passenger seat and crawling forward. Before I can get a good look up her mini skirt, both Matty and Jake are blocking the view with their hands.

“The fuck? Why does Jake get to see?!” I demand, swatting them aside.

The girl herself swings open her brother’s door, leans in and says, “He’s gay, Seth. What is he gonna do with a peak at my panties?”

“Sell it on eBay?” I supply innocently. Jake swats at my chest and gets off me, following Matt out the opposite door. I exit after him, breathing in deep once my feet touch solid ground. “Oh, sweet freedom, how I’ve missed you!”

“He knows we’re still in America, right?” Matt asks, head buried in the trunk.

I ignore him and stretch out my aching legs, feeling the sweet, sweet relief of unrestrained blood flow for the first time in hours. Satisfied, I walk around behind the car and clap a hand down on Jake’s shoulder. “On the way up, we either leave someone behind or strap you to the roof.”

“What? You’re over my sweet cheeks already? Darling, we just arrived!”

“Aw, honey, I’d like your ass five hundred times more if it were to walk away and come back with a couple beers,” I coo, my hand coasting down to the small of his back to nudge him forward.

“Would you like a sandwich too or should I just lay down in our bed and wait for you to come get some?” He teases, smiling like a smug little bastard.

“More importantly, our bed? Since when are we doubling up this year?” I look towards Andrea as she reaches into the pile Matt erected in his search for his stuff.

She looks at me, then at Jake, and then back again. “Forty bucks says they fuck this time,” she says as she yanks her blue backpack free, “I gotta good feeling this year!”

“I’m not betting anything,” Matt calls, one arm outstretched, phone stuck high into the air, “didn’t Seth just name his new target like three days ago? The cute little waitress with the massive back shelf?”

I sigh fondly. “Ah, Linda. Her ass was kind of lumpy, though . . .”

The whole group freezes. Jake stiffens beside me. And suddenly we’re all circled up around the back of the car.

“When did you even get her number?” Matty.

“Forget that! The tits, man! How were the tits?!” Raf.

“That was so fast . . . They grow up so fast. My baby’s a player like his mama!” Andrea.

“Men are disgusting. Was she a virgin? On a scale of Angelina Jolie to Kristen Stewart how were her responses?” Kelsy.

“That’s a fucking stupid scale, Kelsy.” Raf.

“Yeah, shouldn’t they be listed differently? Like least to greatest?” Matty.

“Did you just ask about her v-card status?” Andrea.

The three of them seem to fold in on Kelsy, hounding her with questions, so I leave it alone. Glancing into the trunk, I see my dark gray duffel bag and black backpack, so I release my hold on Jake and step forward, grabbing my stuff.

“Hey, are you–,” I cut off, eyes going wide at the hurt expression on his face. “Are you okay?” I drop my bags and step up to him, hands grabbing at his face and tilting it up towards me. “Are you hurt? Where? Show me,” I demand, one hand reaching out and pushing his hair up and off his forehead.

His eyes narrow all at once, all the pain clearing away to be replaced by anger. The fuck? Before I can even react, he’s shoving away my hands and moving around me. I turn with him, brows furrowing as he dips, grabs his monstrous backpacking bag and jogs up the front steps, disappearing inside.

Confused, I look towards the rest of my friends, genuinely feeling mindfucked as to what just happened. They all eye me sideways.

“Oo, you just pissed off your honey boo, bitch,” Andrea says, “better go smooth things over before he decides to lock you out of your guys’s room. None of us are saving your nasty ass from that couch.”

“What are you still standing here for?” Raf drawls lowly, bending over and picking up my bags, “we got your shit so go.”

“Fucking Hell,” I groan and run for the front steps, taking them two at a time, and hurrying into the cabin. Ducking through the entryway with the busted up ceiling, I take a sharp right and hurry up the stairs. Thankfully, our room is the first on the left, so I get to grab onto the handle and burst into our unlocked room. “Fuck!” I gasp, stumbling forward onto our bed.

Jake leans against the wall to my left, looking about as happy as my lungs right now. He doesn’t say a word, but I can already tell he’s royally pissed off. He’s doing that thing with his face where his lips are pinched together but everything else is relaxed. Well, except his eyes, his eyes are definitely trying to fry my face off.

I push up on my palms and roll into a sitting position on the end of the bed, torso turned to face him. “You’re mad. Why? You know I’m dense, I promise you I won’t be able to figure it out on my own,” I tell him honestly.

He doesn’t say a word.

Guessing it is, then. “The waitress, right?” His fingers twitch. Bingo. “That I slept with her?” He shifts his weight. Almost. “Something I and the waitress did?” He leans back even further, almost slouching, eyes lowering to the floor. Closer. I move forward without thinking, sliding my legs around until I’m on the left side of the bed, arms tensed beside me. “She . . .” his nose wrinkles, “no, no, I. I did something.”

I push up off the bed, my eyes looking him up and down as I take a slow, cautious step towards him. He doesn’t tense or fidget so I approach him normally, reaching out and grabbing hold of his chin. I tilt his head back and he looks back at me, annoyed.

“I did something,” I tell him again, this time slower, unsure, “tell me.”

His jaw clenches and then he’s swatting at me, making me drop my hands to the wall beside him instead. “We’re best friends, aren’t we?”

“Yes,” I answer without hesitation, wanting nothing more than to touch him, reassure him. He reacts best to touch.

“So, why didn’t you tell me?!” He pushes me, makes me stumble back, and steps forward so we’re chest to chest.

“Tell you?” I frown down at him, “Tell you what?”

“Any of it! That you were interested in her. That you had her number. That you met up with her! That you fucked her!” His volume raises with each new thing I forgot to do until he’s practically yelling at me.

Without thinking, I hug him, wrap my arms around his waist and pull him against my chest. He wedges his hands between us, attempts to pry me off, but I just pull him in tighter and turn my head in towards his ear, lowering my voice since the others are probably listening. “Weren’t you the one who said it was painful hearing me talk about fucking random chicks?” He shivers and this time, I can’t even pretend he’s laughing because I can see it up close and personal — him reacting to me. I move us backwards, sandwich him between me and the wall, and cage him in with my hands pressed against it. “Didn’t you tell me that if I talked about it in front of you, you’d hate me? I could’ve sworn you were the one who didn’t speak to me for two weeks because I let it slip one time that I had my eye on some tight piece of–”

“Shut up,” he says weakly, and then stronger, “shut up! You talk about people like they’re nothing more than meat!”

I almost groan in frustration and lean back, bring us eye to eye. “What do you want from me, Jacob?” He bites at his lip, sucks it into his mouth and looks at me through his lashes, and suddenly all I can remember is the feeling of his ass on my cock in the car. The softness, the warmth. How good it felt to slide up between them. And this time, I do groan because fuck it if my friend doesn’t have the ideal ass. “Jacob,” I breathe his name, hands sliding onto his hips, my body instinctively inching closer. I can remember it clearly, then: the first time Jake kissed me.

We were still in high school and I was wasted, had just been dumped by who, I thought, was the girl of my dreams. One minute I was wallowing in self-pity, and the next my best friend was straddling me, his tongue in my mouth and my hands on his ass. He was so soft and small, so similar to a girl that I didn’t mind kissing him. So I kissed him again and again; every time one of my relationships ends, there he is, waiting for a kiss. But this time, I haven’t been dating in months. I have no excuse for why I want to swap saliva with my best friend. And he knows it.

His eyes flutter partially closed, his lower half straining against my hold. I let him move against me, let him bury his fingers in my hair and pull me closer. I press him back with my chest and breathe in his breath, lips parting. “I want you to kiss me,” he tells me.

“Fuck,” I say breathily. I meld my mouth to his and almost moan it feels so good to have him.

Oh, fucking Hell.

I have him.

Part Two Here

4. Guardians From Hell (Edited)

“Son, this is that friend I was telling you about,” Daddy smiles down at me and I blink in return, silently waiting for the gesture to reach his eyes, but just like every other day since I turned six, they don’t, “you’re going to stay with him and do everything he tells you to just like Daddy asked, okay?”

I glance unsurely toward the dark corner where his friend is sitting, my eyes squinting in an effort to catch even a glimpse of whoever’s there, but no matter how I may try, I’m still unable to make out any of his features. Taking my fingernail between my teeth, I slowly look back towards the one thing I’m familiar with in this house — Daddy. “D-do I h-ha-have to stay here?”

His eyes darken at the sound of my stutter. It’s only for a moment — maybe even a fraction of one really — but it’s enough to make me shrink back into myself. I’ll have to stay here, then, or when we return home I’ll get locked away. I steal another peek at the stranger, wondering what’s so special about him to make Daddy give me up.

“You may leave now, Mr. Flint.” The voice from the corner fills up the room until I feel like a small bug squashed against the rug, every bone in my body practically turning to melted rubber until I can barely distinguish myself from the little grooves in the fabric beneath me. My chest squeezes painfully, a hot prickling sensation appearing along my eyes, but I quickly blink it away. Daddy hates crybabies more than anything else. The man in the shadows continues, “I’ll send the money to your home every week as promised.” Without saying a word in response, Daddy gives a little satisfied nod, turns, and vanishes through the double doors we came in through. “Face me.”

I swallow thickly, my hands finding the edge of my dirty shorts and clutching onto them tightly as I force myself to do as the stranger says. The man is cloaked in absolute darkness, but I can faintly make out the beginnings of movement beyond the range of the light, my attention fixing on the sight of broad shoulders shifting slightly, tilting, as a set of thickly muscled legs cross. Without thought my gaze dips, takes in the sight of my thin calves and immediately skirts away.

“Age.” His voice is hard, clipped at the edges, cutting through the silence like a well-aimed dagger and wedging itself between my ribs and right under my heart. My knees shake, the usual tremors from being alone with someone I don’t know coursing through my limbs. Let this be over quickly, I beg to any God who can hear me, I won’t be able to stand for much longer.

“Eight-eighteen,” I say softly and blink quickly, barely keeping my eyes dry as I look at anything but the person before me. I want to go home. How long have I been here? When can I go back? I want to ask so many questions that it feels like I’m choking, the walls squeezing closer and closer, pushing the air right up and out of my lungs, taunting me for my inability to speak up for myself. I can’t faint again; Daddy hates it when I’m weak in front of his friends.

I squeeze my eyes tightly shut for a second, but then there’s the sound of the man’s chair creaking, and they’re snapping wide open. I suck in a sharp breath at the looming figure in the darkness. He’s standing. He’s enormous. Way, way up by the ceiling, the hazy outline of his figure ends, and inexplicably it’s fifty thousand times more difficult to breathe.

He hums faintly, the sound sending ripples of warmth through my stomach. My eyes water, threatening to spill over at any minute. “Name.”

“Ly-Ly-Lyle Flint.”

Before I can even attempt to do something about my tears, he steps forward and my jaw just about connects with my collarbone, my nerves flooding with tingles at the sight of him, as if electric pulses are being forced into my bloodstream. The muscles in my legs twitch, the long forgotten urge to run flaring up from the place I was sure I’d buried it.

The monsters I thought were in my closet when I was younger can in no way compare to whatever Daddy’s friend is. There are tall, twin horns curling out from atop his forehead that bend and twist out above him and then back down, coiling around the pointed tips of his ears. His eyes latch onto mine, the deep red sea there burns through me, sizzles through my tear ducts and fries every circuit within my head, increasing my shaking without him ever having lifted a finger.

The only semi-soothing thing about the creature before me is the slow rotation of foreign letters around his neck and wrists; the golden-white glow to them adding a sense of ethereal beauty to the danger lurking in his claws and horns, effortlessly luring me into a mindless trance, caught somewhere between wanting to run and . . . not. His blood red lips curl up around a smirk, proudly showing the sharpened points of his teeth. His hand lifts, extends one sharp taloned finger, and curls it, beckons me closer.

My legs quiver like that of a newborn, my gaze fogging at the edges. I’m definitely going to faint. Shame lowers my eyes, draws them down his bare chest, makes them come to a rest on the lion pelt slung low on his hips. It’s placed haphazardly, steeply slanted across his front, not attempting in the slightest to conceal the thick knot of his base peeking out the top or the lengthy, engorged cock curving upward beneath it. The front is tented, clinging almost stubbornly to his head, giving me a full view of his studded girth. On either side, in every direction, he has rounded, almost thorn-like studs that only seem to make way for the thick, glistening vein traveling straight up from his balls and disappearing beneath the fluffy mane of the lion’s head. Unable to grasp at the words necessary to express the tumultuous emotional cocktail crashing around within my skull, the only thought I can manage to fully form is: mine looks nothing like that.

He chuckles, the sound as dark as the corner he came out of. “You’ll get a closer look shortly. Come, Lyle.”

The command physically drags my feet forward, forces me to walk right up to him. His smirk widens, razor-edged teeth glinting in the dim lamplight. My gaze stays low as he carelessly brushes the pelt aside, leaving it a crumpled, ruffled puddle between his straining cock and the deep v of his hips. My heart jumps into my throat at the sight of a large, white pearl sliding out of his urethra and positioning itself like a proud ruler atop his cock head.

“Lick it.”

I glance up at him, my entire body thrumming, full of the energy his voice has forced into my veins. My hands clench at my sides. Daddy may have said to do as he says, but only Mommy can lick his friends. Before I can tell the man as much, his hand settles on the back of my head and tips it backwards, forces my full attention onto the swirling depths of his crimson eyes.

“Like this,” he murmurs, his voice startlingly soft, and then his tongue is dipping into my open mouth and the world is spinning on its axis, pitching around beneath my feet. My knees just about give out, make me wobble for just a moment before my fingers take a firm grip on the man’s shoulders, my blood lighting up, sparking through me as he licks at the roof of my mouth. Shivers take me over even though I’m not cold and make their way down my spine. They settle into a tight cluster in my stomach at the feeling of the split, snake-like tip of his tongue touching me, rubbing ever so lightly against me.

For once the shivers aren’t a bad thing. They don’t fill me with nausea or fear. Instead, I find myself clinging to the beast tighter, moving closer to him until I can feel the firm wall of his chest against mine and the hardness of his cock pressing into my stomach. Then, his tongue is gone and he’s guiding me to my knees.

I look up just in time to see his forked tongue snake across his bottom lip, the corners of his mouth curling upward as he lays down his next order: “Your turn.”

He pries my fingers off his chest where they’d slid upon my descent and brings them to the studded length of his shaft, not looking bashful in the least as my entire body flushes, heats in something so very different from the shame I had felt earlier. Slowly, tentatively, I close them around him and pick up the pearl with my tongue, concentrating on making my touch as soft as his was for me. It disintegrates into a salty puddle in my mouth as a new smell fills my head. It’s dizzying to my senses, but in a way that I’m completely unused to. It doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to faint, yet the unstable feeling that comes with it is almost identical. Uncertain and confused, I focus on mimicking him and roll my tongue over his tip; the tangy scent immediately shifts from clogging my nostrils to coating my tastebuds. Curious, I wrap my lips around as much of his head as I can and gently suckle, unthinkingly stroking my tongue back and forth against the slit there, trying to tease another drop free.

He groans above me, his hands sinking into my hair and massaging my scalp with the pads of his fingers. My own dick jerks in my shorts at his touch, pulsing faintly and making me squirm. I suck harder, my saliva seeping down my chin as I try to distract myself from what’s happening in my pants. Mommy always said that it’s unacceptable to become aroused while serving Daddy’s friends, but was it always this hard for her? She always seemed so unaffected. For the first time in a long while, I feel a sense of genuine pride for one of my parents coming to life within me.

The man chuckles and pulls me off. “Here, I’ll reward you for your efforts.”

He pulls me to my feet, not hesitating for even a second as he reaches down between my legs. He easily undoes the safety pin holding my pants closed, and lets them drop to the ground without a care as his fingers glide down my shaft, bumping his palm against my head and letting me slide up along his wrist. Something bubbles up the back of my throat as my hips slide forward, my head tipping back without a thought as I part my lips, my eyebrows coming together. A noise I’ve only ever heard from Daddy’s female friends bursts free, but before I can be embarrassed about it, the man makes a low sound in response, his hand closing around me and pumping up and down until a continuous flow of new noises pass through my lips.

My body is slowly seeped in a scalding heat the more he touches me, melts me down into a pliant mess until I’m little more than a boneless heap clinging to his front. He lets me lean on him, takes on all of my weight as a strange pressure builds and builds in my stomach, fills me with an unnatural, unrecognizable urge. Before I can beg him to stop, it happens. The world goes white and there’s nothing but me and him. My entire body is floating — soaring off the ground — with nothing but the solidity of his chest to hold me down. The warmth that had been rising within me flows down, down, down and fills my dick, shooting out the top in the form of a white gooey liquid. My cum splatters against his stomach as he removes his hands from my front and moves them around behind me.

His slick fingers curl down between my cheeks, glide effortlessly back and forth against me. There’s a slight pressure and then I’m pitching forward, pressing myself desperately close to him, instinctively knowing that if he keeps touching me, I’m going to come again. “Pl-please no more!” I cry pitifully as his hand dips, takes on more of my juices and rubs them into my hole until it trembles, weakened and malleable. I futilely try to hold myself closed, but the more I do, the more aware I become of how soft and wet I am. A soft whimper leaves me as the thick pad of his thumb is replaced by the rounded tip of one of his claws.

He purrs like a satisfied cat above me as he presses inward, pausing only once to pull it out then push it in even deeper. I squirm against him, halfheartedly trying to escape only to feel his free arm curl around my waist, trapping me against him, forcing me to focus on the way his warmth is penetrating me from both sides. His head dips, lips finding my ear, as he murmurs, “I’m not going to do you right now, Lyle, but I’m definitely going to enjoy preparing you for when I do.”

The claw gives way to a long, slender finger as he speaks, the rounded tip bumping into my weak, twitching hole. There’s no hesitation when he sinks it into me. Another pitiful noise comes up my throat as almost as soon as it’s fully inside, he starts to leisurely slide it back out. I tighten up around him, back arching at the feeling of the heated digit trying to leave me. He takes it out anyways only to give me a second one when it comes back in. My backside steadily begins to sting the more he gives me and I immediately try to squirm away, lips twisted in discomfort, attempting to pull myself up and away by his shoulders. He clicks his tongue lightly, a clear sign of his disapproval, and I freeze instinctively, letting him push and pull his fingers in anyway he likes until the burning stops. As soon as it does, he adds a third. And then a fourth, and then I’m writhing on his palm, unable to remain still.

“That’s it, Lyle. Maybe I’ll be able to fuck you properly sooner than expected,” he murmurs almost as if he’s talking to himself as I impatiently begin to rock myself on his fingers, enchanted by the way my body burns through and through, the pressure building higher and higher the more I move. His voice is stiff, unyielding when he orders, “Don’t move now.”

I try to do as told, but I still can’t help but arch my back when he guides in his thumb beside the rest of his fingers, gives me every last bit of his hand, driving it in all the way to his wrist. I moan and wiggle about, moving as if to get away even as my dick hardens fully, throbbing angrily for his attention. He lets me move about as I please and I realize why when I rub myself right up against the studded monster between his legs. It wets my stomach with the glistening stream going down its underside, and I immediately start grinding myself harder against it, lost in the feeling of his rock hard cock against my soft belly. Without meaning to, I squeeze on his hand, aware once again of how loose and wet he’s made me. My eyes just about roll back in my skull, my veins sizzling madly at the wicked thrill that moves through me, my body understanding almost instinctively what it means to have this man stretching me out with such a raging, exposed hard on.

He chuckles and slowly pulls his hand from my ass, taking a long, smooth step away from me, and letting the pelt cover his thick, proud shaft. “The maids will give you your lunch. I have some business to deal with now, so you’re free to wander the house after they clean you up.”

Without another word or so much as a glance in my direction, he pats me on the head, and disappears beyond the double doors behind me, leaving me hot and achy and supremely more agitated than I was a moment ago. This time, when my knees give out beneath me and a number of tears fall down my face, I’m not entirely sure whether the stress of being alone with a stranger or the new-found sense of need pulsating through my body is the cause. Luckily for me, I’m not left with just my thoughts for company for very long.

Before I can even consider what action to take next, there are two short women darting into the room, bursting through the doors and cooing at me from afar. Like the man from earlier, they’re monsters. They have short horns and claws, each filed down to fine points, and unnaturally colored eyes, but unlike the man, they’re eye colors are a direct mirror to their maid uniforms.

The one in the ruffled blue dress has irises the color of the ocean, a satisfying mesh of lights and darks that clash startlingly well when paired with her darkly tanned skin. The sun-eyed one beside her has the same skin and body and face; the only difference between them being their outfits and eyes. And when the pair smile my way, their features soften, and for the first time in a long while, I’m able to witness the soothing sight of a person’s eyes mimicking their lips.

“What a cutie our Master has chosen!” They practically squeal, suddenly resembling a pair of antlered mice as they lean in towards each other, their dainty hands cupped to their mouths below eyes the size of the moon. The yellow one wiggles excitedly, rocking back and forth on her heels, looking about as happy as Daddy the year before I turned six, the year the land stopped producing crops.

“What’d we choose?” a male voice questions somewhere beyond the walls of the room. The maids jump, squeezing noticeably closer together as if to take up as little space as possible. My body reacts the complete opposite of the way they do. Something about the deep, gravelly sound, reminds me of the man from before, makes my hole clench up, sending a gush of shivers up my spine.

As if in retaliation for me expecting too much, a towering, unfamiliar figure steps into the doorway, electric blue eyes settling like a searing blanket upon my exposed body. They flash dangerously my way, and then he’s stepping deeper into the room, forked tongue flicking out along his bottom lip. The sight is so similar to the other man and yet also so predatory, that I’m frozen solid, the only movement coming from the excited jerk of my dick. I almost cry a fresh round of anxious tears when the black mane covering the juncture between his legs begins to rise, the awfully familiar sight of a man’s erection coming to life right above me. The man licks tauntingly slowly at his canines, gaze trailing a burning path down from my bare back to the flushed swells of my ass.

“My, my,” his voice is a deep rumble in my ears, “looks like Penra’s been quite busy lately.” The blue of his eyes flashes like lightning, and I briefly find myself seeing a storm instead of him, the black of his hair becoming the clouds, the sleek arc of his horns in the light shifting into the jagged edge, a silver lining among the darkness.

I’m forced back into reality by the unsteady sound of the yellow maid calling out, “M-Master, your brother’s saving him for later. We were expressly told that you’re n-not a-allowed–”

The man takes a fluid, completely at-ease step my way, his hand whipping aside the pelt and grabbing onto the swollen base of his erection. “I can’t what?” he says the words almost condescendingly, his gaze never straying from me even though he’s addressing the women, “you know the rule: if you want to stop me, then let me do you instead.” From the corner of my vision I can just barely make out the girls glancing at each other in uncertainty and then the blue one is racing off at full speed, her short legs a complete blur in her rush. The man scoffs and gives his engorged cock a languid, blatantly smug stroke. “Stay still, boy.” His command is much different from the other man’s – full of obvious, unabashed dark intentions that make my entire being bristle in awareness.

He takes his time coming around behind me, his steps slow and unhurried. And then a heated front is settling against my back and my body is outright quivering, anticipation gnawing at my intestines. 

Thick, exploratory fingers find my hole in the slight gap between us, feel the slickness of my loosened ring, and demand their entrance. He hums under his breath when I arch into him, lips popping apart on a silent, awed gasp as he slips right in, the heat of his fingertips scalding my skin. The gasp becomes all too vocal as without the slightest warning, the man plunges the two thick digits into me, the sound of his chuckle vibrating my ear as he spreads them wide.

“Looks like you’ve been fully prepped to take in a cock of our size. It’d be a waste to let it go unused,” he feigns a tone of concern and pulls his fingers free, grabbing onto my hips instead, “unlike my brother, I don’t seal the studs on mine, so if you get addicted to being fucked, feel free to come to my room and beg me for more later.”

My eyebrows pull together at his words. I don’t quite understand exactly what he’s talking about, but I know enough to recognize the fear in the watching maid’s eyes, and take that as a sign that whatever he’s talking about isn’t quite as good a thing as his voice makes it sound. It’s only at the sight of her face that I begin to feel that being used like Mommy might not be as good as my body is telling me it is. In a last ditch effort to get away, I whine pitifully and beg, “P-please I do-don’t want–!”

My entire body freezes when the broad head of his cock presses at me from behind, lining up with my crack and sliding right between my cheeks. He ignores me, purring much like his brother as he takes hold of my ass and spreads me wide. Without thought, I lean back, the back of my head connecting with his shoulder, and try not to make a noise as every muscle in my body strains against me, wanting nothing more than to move back on him, take his sleek, dripping head into my stomach and finally, finally relieve myself of the need to come.

He groans and turns his face in towards my neck. “God, you speak like you want me to stop, but just look at the way you’re twitching for it. You, boy, are one sick, sick puppy. My favorite kind.”

My eyes slip closed, my mouth dripping with soft, needy noises at the feeling of that wide, round tip holding me open, easily sliding farther and farther. The first rings of his thick studs make contact with my skin and I can barely hold still. They’re covered in a slick, thick coating that makes my entire backside tingle madly, fills my stomach with an ocean of desire, every muscle in my body tensing, readying to move myself further down his shaft. He pauses as if sensing the urge growing within me, and lets me do exactly as I want to.

I push myself back, hands lifting without thought to anchor myself with his hair as he just sinks in more and more and more. Little beads of sweat pop up on my skin as I realize the closer I get to fully taking him into me, the greater the ache in my stomach. Moving purely by instinct, I start to let some of him out only for him to click his tongue and pull me even further down his dick. He groans impatiently, his shaft pulsing angrily from its place clutched tightly between my cheeks, and rocks forward, driving a few more inches deep into my heat.

I writhe between his hands, the pressure building and building. His cock rubs the studs around inside me, lets them coat my insides with their fluids, makes me squirm pitifully with anxious tears pricking my eyes. His never-ending shaft goes deeper and deeper until at long last I feel his pelvis against my ass. He makes a low sound of approval, claws biting into my hips as he lets me rest pressed up against the thick base of his cock.

He sighs his approval, his volume rising as he declares, “Virgins are always so, so fucking tight, makes me wanna . . .” he trails off and then I’m keening in shock, my entire being shaking like a leaf as he hoists me up by my thighs and bounces me fast and high up and down his length.

A tortured moan tears itself from my lips as a second cock rubs its dripping head against my taut entrance. My eyelids flutter open, the haze filling me up clearing just enough for me to make out the man from earlier, Penra, as he snarls at his brother, “I could smell him from across the house. You’re driving the servants insane!”

I open my mouth, the plea for him to either make his brother treat me gently or to take me away from him all ready on the tip of my tongue, but before I can voice it, I feel him pushing at me, coaxing my hole with short, demanding jabs. His brother spreads my legs wider, gives Penra full and complete access, holds me open and at the ready for him to shove the first few inches in right alongside the immense cock already inside me. The men take little notice of me as I silently grasp at words, my ass spasming uncontrollably as they wrap my legs around Penra’s hips and let him sheathe himself way up in my stomach, fills me out completely until I’m certain my body will never fully close again.

The one behind me chuckles darkly, obviously enjoying himself. “You mean I’m driving you crazy, Penra. You’re so turned on, you’re even letting your studs weep.”

Penra groans long and low, a dangerous glint entering his gaze as his fingers pet my tingly, stretched-beyond-capacity entrance. Both males completely ignore me, their attention stolen by my entire body tightening up on them, making them erupt into deep, animalistic growls. “Shut up and move, Nefra, before I decide to keep him all to myself.”

My head spins dangerously as, instead of waiting for his brother to follow his instructions, he starts pulling out, my hole making a wet, sucking sound that echoes in my ears, makes my face flush in embarrassment. The leaking bumps along the sides of his dick rub at my entrance, makes it warmer and noticeably less irritated when he impatiently begins pushing back in. His brother follows his example, but at a much rougher, less forgiving pace, obviously eager to have his own orgasm.

They alternate like that for a while — one moving nice and slow, almost tenderly trying to soothe my abused ass, and the other readily using me to get himself off, lost in the pleasures of being stroked by, and stroking against, another dick and simultaneously having tight, tight walls clinging to his cock. In no time at all I can’t help but wiggle between them, my hips swaying desperately as that same soul-crushingly intense need, that I’m quickly becoming familiar with, fills my belly with warmth.

Penra groans and shoves in hard, making Nefra chuckle. I shudder between them, eyes drifting partway closed in a losing battle to keep them open. “Hmm, think you can handle a faster speed now, little one?” the brother in front of me whispers against the free side of my neck, his hands finding my hips as he mimics his brother’s pace.

I willingly lose the battle to stave off the urge to shut my eyes, giving into the pleasure of their touch with a defeated whimper as one of my hands blindly reaches out to sink my fingers into Penra’s thick hair. Both brothers guide me, yank me down harder and harder with every upward surge they make until I start moving on my own.

I meet each of their thrusts with my own, crying out freely as Nefra’s hands slide up my chest from behind, taking my nipples between his fingers and rolling them back and forth. My back arches upwards, forcing my head even further onto his shoulder. His lips part against my skin, let me feel his sharp teeth scrape down my neck. He growls like a wild dog against me, sucking on me with all his might.

“Is he human?” he demands, his mouth refusing to break contact with my skin long enough to ask, “why does he taste so–? Oh, fuck! Baby, ride me just like that!” I whimper weakly and shakily push myself back up again, using every abdomen muscle I have to do so, but it’s well worth it when I get to feel the men swell inside me on my way back down.

Penra pants, lips hovering above mine, his eyes absolutely molten and starved above me. “Faster, Lyle,” he murmurs and then his lips are closing over mine once again.

This time, his tongue moves seductively against my own, utterly uninterested in the roof of my mouth. The brother sucking on my neck groans his agreement, and just like that they give me free reign to move about however I please. I do as they want without thought, moving myself up and down, picking up the pace as best I can the more they curse and groan against me, whispering dirty things into my ears and mouth.

One of the maids moans from their spot against the far wall. I look up to see the yellow one behind the blue, her mouth at the other’s ear and her hand up the blue’s skirt. Penra catches me looking and smirks, capturing my lips almost violently and nipping them with his sharp teeth. He yanks me down roughly as he rams up, delighting in the way I shriek with pleasure, fingers fisting his hair in an attempt to yank his head backwards.

“Focus, little one, enjoy what we can give you,” he whispers to me as his brother’s hand wraps around my length, jerking me in tandem with their thrusts. This time, they’re in perfect sync, moving in and out together so I’m stretched in opposite directions with every move they make. “Good boy; tighten up just like that,” he says on a sigh of satisfaction, and my body quivers at the sound of it, the heat in my stomach filling up my twitching dick.

“He’s gonna come,” Nefra groans against the back of my ear, his tongue flicking out to wet it with the split tip of his tongue, “let’s go with him; I  wanna feed him well for being so good to us.”

His brother nods his agreement and they immediately pick up their pace, one of them slamming against something that sends mind-numbing sparks racing down my dick, sparking my entire core with the all-consuming urge to come. They do it one more time and I can’t fight back my screams even if I wanted to. They growl somewhere in the background, plunging in deep and painting my walls with the sultry strings of their cum. They make a symphony of animalistic snarls as they cling to me tightly, both still fully hard and throbbing as if they didn’t just spill their load inside me.

“Again,” they purr in unison.

Penra pulls out slowly, groaning under his breath as I release him with a liquidy slurp of a noise. Nefra sighs in contentment as I squeeze up around him, gasping in surprise when he pushes me face down into the rug, rocking into me without the slightest bit of hesitation. Their warm load gushes up around him, and I can’t help but moan at the feeling of it seeping out and down my thighs.

My back arches in a mixture of happiness and pleasure as he lifts my hips and starts gently moving against me. Once he starts, a set of knees touch down in front of me. My gaze lifts, locks on a very familiar, tall and proud cock. It drips, coated in their combined juices, long trails of white cream clinging to its length, more bubbling from its fat head the longer I stare.

Penra growls when I lift up on my elbows and lap at his underside, fully aware of the fact that he’ll never fit completely in my mouth. The one inside me swells as they watch me clean the wet cock in front of me. The brothers share a look over me, and then Penra’s taking my chin in my hand. “Open wide and keep your teeth away, Lyle.”

I don’t fight him when his tip fills out my lips and starts slowly sinking in, sliding along my tongue as if it’s sole purpose is to mark the path for where he truly wants to be. I’ve seen Mommy do this enough times to recognize where this is going, but having it happen to me is an entirely different thing. My mind goes completely blank at the first taste of his tangy, cum-coated manhood. The first spark of panic hits me when he reaches the back of my throat, that thick, broad tip resting there almost tauntingly as the men murmur for me to relax. Nefra pets my sides, throbbing excitedly in my stomach as he holds still and watches his brother push his way down. My lips and throat ache from the intrusion, but Penra is in complete and utter heaven, his head tipped back as he pushes my head down, forces in more and more of his thick cock.

By the time he’s completely in my throat, my lips are coated in the sweet taste of his studs, my tastebuds dancing at the intoxicating mix of sweet and tangy taking over my mouth. His chest rumbles on a sound far too faint to my ears to be heard as he pulls out just enough to let me suck in a breath and then goes right back in.

“So good,” he says under his breath, and does it again and again, not bothering to slow down as I slobber and gurgle around him, “so fucking good, little one!”

His brother growls and slams into me, prompting Penra into a faster pace, focused on matching his brother. I gasp and moan uncontrollably between them, a now well-known heat seeping into my every limb and a light, airy feeling as they use me to their hearts’ content. This, I realize, must be what Daddy wanted: for me to get ready to take Mommy’s place. I can’t help but wonder if she ever feels this amazing as I come for the third time today, my semen becoming noticeably watier. My limbs tremble for an all new reason, but I am still ready, eagerly waiting for my partners to reach their own climax.

Nefra comes to an abrupt halt, his hands pulling my cheeks wide for a clear view of his cock buried up to the hilt inside me, and gives a soft moan when I clench down on him. More, my instincts scream at me, I want more.

“God, Penra, you have to feel this; he’s sucking on me like a pro!”

“Gladly,” his brother responds easily, popping free of my mouth, and filling me with anticipation as they help me back up, lifting me up by my legs once more.

In seconds, he’s sliding in alongside his brother, filling me out in a way that is rapidly becoming one of my favorite feelings ever. His hand settles on my chin, tipping my head back and swiping some of the drool there away. A second hand tangles in my hair from behind and pulls, a different set of lips than the ones I was expecting settling over mine.

Nafra’s kiss is noticeably rougher, more demanding than his brother, makes me shiver at the way it sends electric sparks of warmth racing from my tongue to my dick. My back arches, presses my mouth even firmer to his as my hole clenches up like a fist, ready to receive every last drop as they give me their second load. Their combined juices shoot up high, piercing through my stomach and dripping leisurely back down.

This time, it’s my turn to say it.


On Writing Erotica

I hate the word moist when it’s not referring to something sexual.

There. I said it!

Unless you want me thinking you added “special sauce” to your cakes, leave that word out of your mouth. Similarly, don’t mention breasts when talking about food or I may be tempted to think about yours. I assure you, we both don’t want to be sitting down for a nice meal and stumble onto the topic of – pause for dramatic effect – sex.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I will talk about sex openly and at the table where you’re eating. Why? Because you started it. There are millions of other words you could’ve used, but you chose those ones. So, I chose to talk about my most favorite topic ever: sex.

Have I said that word enough times for you guys/gals to get where I’m going with this?

Wonderful! Let’s talk about sex!

I write about it a lot – sometimes a little too much for my liking, but whatever my muse doesn’t have a chill button, I confess. But rarely do I ever sit down and say, “Hey, when was the last time you thought about fucking?” From what I, and any other fully functioning citizen, understand that’s not generally acceptable. Which led me to this question:

Where the Hell did I learn so much about coitus? Because I assure you it did not happen in a bedroom.

Actually, that’s not true it probably did. I tend to read exclusively in my bed. Let me rephrase, then.

It did not happen through personal experience.

Much better.

So, what point am I trying to make?


If you’re interested in writing erotica – or straight up word-porn, let’s be honest – then pick up a book and read the fuck out of it. You don’t have to take notes or analyze every single sentence, but just read it, enjoy it, and then restart the process with another book. Not sure how it feels to ejaculate for a man? Pick up a gay book. They will tell you again and again and again until you feel like you may or may not have a penis down there. I kid, of course, but go exploring if you don’t know something! Goddammit but some people act like there aren’t plenty of resources because not every book says in big bold letters: DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF AN ORGASM or FROM MILF’S PERSPECTIVE.

You’d think some people would just know that just like you don’t need an instruction manual to know how to have sex, you don’t need any for writing it. I mean, sure a few famous authors have written some, but those typically aren’t free. Free erotica books are everywhere, and I love them. You should too.

So, the core of this post is:
1. Don’t use sexual words to talk about non-sexual things, and
2. Read a damn book, it’s worth it.

Ciao for Now,
~ Amelie J. Hyde

3. Drug Me Up Before You Go-Go!

Some light bondage, yay~!

(If you know the reference in my title then congrats, we are best friends! Hint: Wake me up before you go-go, don’t leave me hangin’ on like a yo-yo…don’t wanna miss it when ya hit that high~!)

~ – ~ – ~

I’m supposed to be halfway to my girlfriend’s house with a box full of chocolates and a Valentine’s day card. Instead, I’m taking a shower in the house next door because my car got stuck in a snow bank in front of their house, and I forgot my house keys! My luck is failing me grievously today.

“Seth, I’ve set some hot chocolate down on the table for you!” Hunter, my oh so kind neighbor, calls up the stairs, and I shout back an affirmative, turning off the water as I do so.

His house, I’ve come to realize, is much, much larger and classier than mine could ever dream of being. There’s no verging-on-cramped living room or leaky faucets, and certainly no moldy ceiling beneath the upstairs tub. I checked. I admire the sparkly bathroom tiles and sigh contently as I slip into the plush bathrobe he’d offered me.

I glance around for my underwear and frown, almost positive that I was sure to keep them separate from the pile of clothes I’d given him for washing. I smile to myself, forgetting the underwear as I think of what a great host Hunter is – taking me in, washing my cold, icy clothes, and even making me hot chocolate. Doesn’t get much better than this!

Carefully tightening the sash of the robe, I trot down the stairs, happy that Hunter isn’t waiting at the bottom. I’m sure I can pull off going commando subtly until my clothes are done. Inwardly giving myself a thumbs up, I sink into his comfy couch, being sure to keep my thighs together. The mug of steaming hot cocoa waits patiently right in front of me, and I let it sit there until Hunter takes a seat on the chair at the end of the coffee table.

Hunter, as far as I know, is a model for some upscale, ultra posh clothing label, and it’s not hard to see why. The man has an air about him that just screams dominance and commands respect out of all who’re near him. His dark green eyes can pierce through you with just a glance. I know this better than most. The day I moved into my grandfather’s house, I’d felt it – someone looking through me – but when I looked, he was only glancing my way. Now, that’s some damn strong charisma! If I weren’t straight, I’d probably have handed myself to him on a silver platter with an apple in my mouth months ago. And, trust me, that’s the least someone can do to gain this guy’s attention.

I’ve seen it all from my bedroom window. There were girls in trenchcoats, some covered in patches of glitter. One came wrapped in a silken bow that barely covered all her privates. One guy came to his door, knocked a few times, and – this seriously happened, I pinky promise – got on his knees and begged. Personally, I found myself getting self-conscious for them like some sort of secondhand embarrassment.

I can understand why they’d want to go to such lengths considering what a delicacy a man like Hunter is in this backwards little town. That doesn’t mean I’d do it. I just see where they’re coming from. Most men here are like me, barely passing for six feet tall and have an average face. Hunter, on the other hand, is well over six feet, broad shouldered, and sporting a face fit for Apollo. I’m not gay, though, just stating facts.

My attention is drawn away from my thoughts as Hunter exclaims, “Oh, you didn’t have to wait for me!” He smiles graciously, flashing his pearly whites, and motions for me to drink up. I take the warm cup in my hands, letting the steam heat my face before taking a slow sip, enjoying the heat in my throat and chest. “Were those chocolates for your lover?”

I sputter a bit, eyebrows darting up my forehead, “L-…Yeah, they’re for my girlfriend.” Lover? Who says that?! I barely resist the urge to laugh aloud and instead take a bigger swallow of the hot cocoa. I guess it’d be weird if a guy like him didn’t have a few oddities. Shrugging it off, I decide to keep the conversation going and ask, “What about you? Did you have any plans?”

“A few,” he says noncommittally and sips what I can only guess is some sort of tea. No matter how I look at him, I can’t picture him as a hot.chocolate or coffee kind of man. He’s far too elegant for such common place drinks. I nod to myself. Tea suits him very well.

Surprisingly enough, conversation flows naturally between us and even brief pauses are comfortable, not awkward in the slightest. It turns out, he has a new photoshoot coming up, something to do with a fancy Italian line, and is going to New York in the morning on his company’s private plane. He says he doesn’t mind traveling so far away, mainly because he loves modeling. Myself, I can’t stand having my picture taken. It makes me far too self-conscious. I tell him as much, and he just chuckles, making a comment on what a shame it is. Whatever that means.

We talk a bit on our favorite types of clothes and music, and I gradually find myself relaxing more than I have in a while. Hunter’s easy to talk and listen to. Something about his voice makes me want to listen to what he’s saying, to just sit there and hear him talk on and on. It’s when he’s drawling on about how feisty and competitive female models are that I first notice the drowsiness spreading through me.

I yawn and settle deeper into the couch, my eyelids fluttering fitfully as I try to stay awake. My limbs feel heavy with exhaustion, and no matter how much I tell them to move, they won’t. I murmur an apology as Hunter cuts his sentence short, his eyes singularly focused on me. And then I’m sinking into more than just the couch, and the world around me is no more.


It’s sunny and loud.

I groan, my head pounding at the sound of a symphony of honking horns and squealing tires. I try to roll over, to bury my head in the soft pillow beneath it, but something holds me back, denying the action. I frown, eyes slowly opening, and hiss at the sting of the sunshine streaming through a nearby window.

“Wh-what?” I try to remember the last place I was, knowing the dirty windows in my house could never let in such pure, stunning sunlight.

“You’re finally awake, I see,” a male voice coos from somewhere in the distance as I try again to see the world around me.

As soon as I do, I wish I hadn’t.

Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore.

Through the wall-to-wall window a few feet from the bed, I can see tall, sparkling skyscrapers, covered in electronic billboards and advertisements. I swallow hard, pushing down the tightness of unease in my chest, and leave that to be dealt with after I figure out how to roll over. I skim my gaze up my arm, my jaw dropping at the sight of a black rope-looking fabric tying my wrists to some headboard I’ve never seen before.

I squirm a bit, trying to see what else of me is tied up, but freeze at the burst of cold air that slides across my skin at the frantic movement. My breathing shallows out, my chest tightening against the beginnings of panic swelling there.

“Calm down, Seth. You’re not in any danger,” the voice assures me, but this time I’m able to connect a face to it.

Utterly disbelieving, I arch my back trying to see him properly. “H-hunter?! Where am I? Did you kidnap me?!”

He finally steps into my range of sight, his black, sleek hair tousled and his button-up top hanging open at the top. Later, I’ll probably question how he manages to look put together and not all at the same time, but not right now! If anything, the sight of him only serves to enrage me.

I hiss up at him like a poisonous viper. “This is kidnapping!”

He chuckles, picking up a white pill off the nightstand by the window and a glass of water. “It is.” He nods in agreement, his eyes burning through me as he takes a seat on the edge of the bed, his hip nudging mine.

“If you know it, then why even do it?!” I practically growl, livid with the man before me.

He shrugs, popping the pill in his mouth and taking a sip of water without swallowing. I watch wearily as he chews slowly, deliberately. He places a hand beside my head and grips my chin with the other. Before I can fully grasp his intentions, his lips meet mine and he releases whatever he just crushed into my mouth. I gag, chest wiggling fiercely in an attempt to throw him off. His hand slides up, covering my nose and mouth. I glare stubbornly up at him, refusing it for as long as I can. A second barely passes before my throat works on it’s own, gulping it down. The hand slips away. I cough, gasping down great swallows of air.

“The fuck . . . was that?!” I sputter as I try to slide as far away from him as possible.

He smirks. “Something not even a straight man can resist. Don’t worry, you’ll feel better than ever in a minute.”

If I could dramatically jerk backwards, now would be the time I’d do so. As is, I can do little more than gape as my neighbor tugs the front of my bathrobe open, expertly exposing just my chest. My abdomen tightens anxiously as he dips his head to my collarbone. His tongue darts out to taste me. I shudder, fists clenching as he slowly, meticulously caresses my skin, leisurely coasting down the center of my chest.

My gut tightens, knots in on itself until I think my stomach is going to burst from the tension. He chuckles, apparently sensing my reaction as he rings my belly button with his tongue, drawing a shaky breath from my lungs. His mouth travels lower. His lips find the bottom of the bathrobe, and effectively steal away all of my breath. His hands lightly grasp my hips as he lingers there, his breath heating the juncture between my thighs and sending shivers up my spine. His lips part, eyes lifting to mine as he brings his mouth closer. My heart falters as the bottom of his jaw disappears beneath a fuzzy, white blockade. I suck in a harsh breath, fingers clenching and unclenching as I feel the urge to lift my hips pressing in on me. And then his teeth close around the fabric, giving it a playful, teasing tug.

My skin tingles, heats as he finally continues on. He lightly kisses at my inner thigh and slides a heated palm down the other. I tilt my head back, unable to watch anymore as he moves it up and up, my body readily reacting to his touch. His fingers burn at my skin, charting a tingly, scorched trail up just under my awakening shaft, and down below my balls. My breath catches, shallows out as his head follows his hand, nudging the bathrobe open with his nose and lightly kissing my swelling shaft. My hips arc, straining against his grip, and he smirks, continuing to move upward despite my very obvious willingness for him to touch me there more.

I lift my eyes to his, watching wearily as he wedges his hips between my thighs and licks at my right nipple. I gasp, pressing unthinkingly into his mouth as something prods at me from behind. Long, warm fingers tease my crack, rubbing back and forth, barely brushing against my hole. He smiles, apparently pleased with my actions, and rewards me by suckling at my chest, rubbing his tongue round and round the captured peak. Embarrassingly enough, a soft moan leaves my mouth the more he plays with me. His eyes snap up to meet mine at the sound, his pupils dilating as he presses his hips up against me, the smooth fabric of his suit pants rubbing against the underside of my shaft. The fingers disappear for a moment, coming up over my hip, and pushing aside the bathrobe to toy with me from a different angle. My teeth sink into my lip, eyes fluttering as the pad of one rubs against me, pushing mockingly at it.

“I knew you could make sounds like that,” he practically purrs and I whimper, head spinning as he grinds against me. It’s wrong to like this. I know it is, but the feeling of the silken fabric on my skin is beyond amazing.

I can’t grasp enough brain cells to form any words, and am left panting beneath him as he kisses up my neck, his free hand dipping into my hair and tilting my head back. My hands fist the rope around my wrists, tugging on them as he swivels his hips, drives rational thoughts straight out of my head. Floating on cloud nine, I barely notice the change in the light pressure of his finger and am only slightly stirred from my blissful state when one of his fingertips presses into me. My hips buck, stroking my length against his and sucking the fingertip in deeper. I gasp, eyes closing tightly as he presses in more, the two very different feelings of his sleek pants and thick, warm fingers creating a harsh blend of lust deep in my stomach.

He sucks roughly on my shoulder, the movement of his hips becoming harder as he slowly strokes his finger in and out of my hole. My dick twitches, craving attention even as a second finger plunges into me, this one slick and covered in some thick, gel-like substance. We both groan, him in pleasure and me in horror. Wherever the second finger touches tingles madly, sending faint waves of pleasure through me and, with it, comes a very familiar heat. It’s the kind I usually get when I’m ball’s deep in my girl, and she’s clenching on me just right. Only this time, it brings with it something completely unnatural and irregular: a craving for something longer, thicker. It seeps through every fiber of my being  as I recognize the hard pole prodding at my hip. I want it, I realize in horror, hips squirming against it.

He nips my earlobe, his tongue soothing the sting away seconds later, successfully drawing my attention. “Stop trying to rub yourself off on me. It’s killing me,” he groans, voice impossibly deep in my ear.

I make a low, needy noise in the back of my throat as his hand slides around and grabs onto my ass cheek, pulling hard as he grinds down, going completely against his words. My dick strains, electrified sparks of need shooting straight down its length. I can’t help but squirm, driving myself against him and moaning deliriously at the heavenly feeling of pure Hunter moving against me. He groans again, fingers leaving my tingly hole to grab onto my ass. I keep moving, desperately increasing the friction on my shaft.

He pants against the side of my neck, rolling his hips up under my balls and bringing his fully pitched tent even closer to where we want it. “You’re playing with fire. I might devour you at any moment.”

I can’t help but cry out as his fingers dive fully inside me without warning, my dick filling with the need to cum. I pant for air, eyes lifting blindly towards his. “Fuck. Me.”

He tilts his head back, eyes drifting closed. I keep stroking myself against him, my tip leaking like crazy and dirtying the neat little treasure trail of black curls. Without warning, his fingers leave me and appear at my thighs, spreading them wide until something on either of my ankles prevents him from moving me any further. As soon as I’m positioned in the way he wants, he undoes the front of his pants and pulls out his cock. It’s hot and slick and pulsing with how excited I made him.

“Just remember you asked for this,” he breathes the words out tinged with poignant lust and relief as he lines his tip up, rubbing a bit of his pre-come against me. “Don’t tell me to take it out later. I won’t stop even if you cry.” His eyes are different when he meets my eyes. Gone is the soft, welcoming geen. In its place is a need, an all-consuming hunger that leaves me breathless and hot. It’s way to hot all of a sudden. Blisteringly so. My arms strain against their bondage desperately wanting to roll us over and slide myself down the thick head pressed against me, knowing without a doubt that it’ll cool the uncomfortable fire building inside me.

Before I can open my mouth and demand to be untied, he pushes his way inside. His hands spread me further, the ropes around my ankles protesting by biting at my skin as he forces his way in. A flash of pain rips through me but it fades away before I can even begin to think about saying anything, replaced by an onslaught of pleasurable, toe-curling tingles. Just when I think it’s not going to hurt, Hunter slams his cock home. My muscles scream in protest, everything in me trying to jerk off of the too-big cock throbbing within my core. I cry out, tears prickling my eyes as he stays perfectly still inside me, watching me closely as I try to do the same.

His eyes slip closed as I finally manage to still my hips. “Don’t fight it, relax your muscles, and you’ll be fine in no time.” His hands lightly push my hair out of my eyes and he immediately locks our gazes. The raw desire there stuns me enough to lower my eyes. They catch on the sight of his tongue sliding across his bottom lip. His teeth bite at it. He groans, his pulsing shaft swelling impossibly bigger inside me. “Don’t you dare bite.”

As soon as his lips are hovering just above mine, I open for him, desperately wanting a distraction from the hot pole buried inside me. His hand on my forehead tangles itself in my hair, pushing my head back further as his tongue plunges between my lips. His sigh of pleasure fills me with pride. He lovingly strokes his tongue against mine, coating my mouth with the minty freshness of his toothpaste. My hips lift unconsciously as he swivels his hips, stirring me up inside as he presses his mouth firmly against mine, his fingers fisting at my hair.

He pulls back just a bit, his breath ragged and hurried, “Please tell me you’re ready and not just trying to get away.” His hands tilt my head to the side so his lips can kiss up and down my neck. “I’ve wanted you for so long,Seth. Let me fuck you properly. I want to give you so much,” He groans as he pulls out just a bit and pushes back in. My back bows, lips parting in wonder at the pleasure that races up my spine at the movement. He cusses, every muscle in his body going taut as he holds himself back. “Say it.”

I moan pitifully, arms jerking against my bonds as he remains stubbornly still. “I-I’m ready!” His eyes roll back in obvious relief as he pulls out until just his tip is in me and surges forward.

We both groan, bodies clinging to the other as he keeps moving against me, his hips expertly drawing me closer and closer to orgasm. His lips and mine ravenously devour the other, a thirst for more filling us with every thrust he gives. His hands release my hair in favor of rolling my nipples under their thumbs, their fingers fanned out over my ribs. My body trembles beneath him, on the verge of exploding as he overrides my senses, fills them with too much bliss to handle. And then his fingers wrap around my shaft, and I really do explode, moaning like a whore as I do so.

He pants above me, eyes intent on my face as I settle back down against the mattress. I stare back readily, chest heaving as I try to catch my breath. His arms lift above my head and a soft clicking sound follows as the rope-things on my limbs go slack. Slowly, without breaking our stare, I lower my hands only to have his fingers wind through mine and pin them back down.

Without a word his lips connect with mine again, and I find myself readily kissing him back. He releases my hands and I immediately rake them through his thick hair enjoying the way he groans at the contact. His own hands clutch my thighs and pull them around his waist, anchoring me to him as the silky rope falls away. His intentions become crystal clear when that same waist moves up and down, stroking my walls with his rock hard cock. I tilt my head back on a whimper as familiar tingles spread through my member. He keeps the pace slow, almost teasingly so as if he knows that I want the exact opposite.

And then he stops altogether.

I wiggle my hips, trying to draw him into action, but he won’t give in. “Hunter,” I breathe his name on a sigh, my body thrumming with the need for him to finish what he started.

He smiles, and slowly sinks back into me, “Call for me again, Seth. Louder this time.” I readily give him what he wants over and over again so he has no choice but to take my faster and faster. He pants and groans above me, filling me again as I scream his name. Whoever’s in the room next to ours doesn’t like the noise and bangs on the wall, but he keeps going and I can’t stop begging him to never stop. It’s as if my body is utterly possessed by the need to be fucked, and he’s readily fanning the flames. I was wrong, getting him in me didn’t cool me off. It just made the heat all the more unbearable. I want him – all of him – so much it almost hurts.

“That’s it, baby, come for me again,” he practically growls by my ear, his hand and cock working me over in perfect sync. As if triggered by his words, my orgasm rips through me, everything but him fading into nothingness. Hot splurts of his own release fill me up and warm my stomach.

We collapse onto the messed up bed. Our chests heave as we try to catch our breaths. Too spent to even try to care, I let Hunter tug me against his chest, his arms curling tightly around my waist. He nuzzles his head against the back of my neck and sighs contently, “By the way, you’re mine now. No more running off to play house with your ‘girlfriend’.”

If I wasn’t floating around on cloud seventy-five, I’d probably have a  suitable response to that, but as is, I just let his words go in one ear and out the other. Nodding to whatever he said, I gladly fall into the throes of sleep.

Part one? I’m not really sure.

2. The Vampires Call Me Papi

Let’s be completely honest here: I’m not a nice guy. Not even a decent one, in fact.

All I care about is getting some ass and making money. The best way to do that in my town is to get into selling. I’m not talking about drugs or weapons. No, we specialize in something much more lethal – vampires. My favorite pass time is making them significantly less so, especially the males. You ever hear a bloodsucker beg to be fucked? Every time I do it does something to me, makes me hard for hours until I find my release deep inside ‘em.

That’s what I plan on doing to my latest catch. The other leeches are terrified of him, and after he convinced one to try to attack me, I had him locked up and moved to my personal basement. He’s stubborn and tries to bite me whenever I get close to him, but after leaving him for two days with a vibrator up his ass and a ring on his cock, I’m hoping to see some changes.

As soon as the basement door closes behind me, my gaze falls on his hunched over form. He’s completely relying on the chains around his wrists, willingly letting the blessed metals bum his skin. His black, shoulder length hair slowly parts as he tips his head back, his blue eyes now completely drowned in red. His jaw clenches as he attempts to straighten himself, but his knees visibly tremble and he has to remain partially slumped over.

A smirk curls my lips as I reach the end of the stairs. It’s a surprise that he’s not writhing like a whore, but in this case it just means I get to play around with him longer. “Having fun?” I coo sarcastically and a feeble hiss slips past his lips as I come up behind him.

“I’ll enjoy peeling your skin off, human,” he promises darkly, his cheek twitching slightly when my hand touches down on it. I coast my palm down the side of it and then curve around so I can glide my finger up along his crack. Lightly pressing against the hilt of the toy sticking out of him, I listen happily as he hisses with anger.

“Y’know, I could just call down some of your amigos and have them watch when I make you come from just this toy.” I have to admit the idea is awfully tempting, but I’d probably end up using my own cock instead of this plastic one.

The muscles throughout his back stiffen.

“You will not involve my coven.”

“Oh?” I hum to myself as I pull on the hilt, letting it slide partially out before shoving it back in. His back bows, his mouth opening and displaying his fangs. “And why not? You are the leader, right? Since it may be their turn next, you should lead by example,” I pause as if getting an idea and grab onto his hips, pulling him back and letting him feel my hard shaft against him, “or is it that you want them to see you take the real thing?”

“You are a vile man,” His voice drips with disgust even as his hips sway back against me. His body’s more honest than he is.

I grab onto his waist and grind into the toy, enjoying the soft gasp that leaves him at the contact. Yeah, I’m going to enjoy making this one mine, I think with a smirk as I reach around with my right hand and rub my thumb over his tip. His mouth opens as if he wants to say something, but the words seem out of reach as I slowly inch my hand down his shaft. His chains jingle as his arms flex, his hands grabbing onto them as he wordlessly stares at the ceiling.

I run my tongue over the shell of his ear, listening closely as he draws in a shudder of a breath and attempts to tilt his head away. “Looks like you want to come,” I teasingly whisper against him, my hand stopping halfway to the ring. His hips buck up restlessly before he gets them under control, chest heaving as he stares at me from the corner of his eye. “If you ask this ‘vile man‘ nicely, maybe I’ll let you.”

Jaw clenched and fists tight, he silently locks our gazes, a dark promise filling his reddened pupils. I shrug and release my hold on him. His eyes widen before narrowing as if he can’t believe that I’d dare to do such a thing. I send him a wink and step completely away from him. His knuckles become white but he stubbornly refuses to try to look back at me.

Smiling at how much fun there’s to be had, I look behind me to the array of toys I recently had cleaned. And then my gaze lands on the rectangular metal stand with a long, black strip of material similar to what a dildo’s made of fastened along its twenty-four inch rod. The sale’s clerk called it a fucking machine. This’ll be the first time I test it out.

It’s surprisingly light, I realize as I place it down between the Vampire’s spread ankles. He stares down at it in confusion before glancing back at me. And then he’s gaping at the far wall as I yank the plastic out of his ass and put in two of my fingers to keep him from closing up too tightly. His confusion grows as I press the up arrow on the side of the steel rectangle.

Fascinated, I spread my fingers wide and watch as the rounded tip of the machine slowly reaches into it. He lifts up on his tip-toes to try to get away from it, so I let it keep going until it reaches the fourteen inch marking and then press the stop button.

The vamp’s eyebrows furrow as his hips squirm slightly, clearly puzzled as to what the thing is for. And then I press the start button. A savage growl fills the room as it pummels in and out of him, going far faster than humanly possible and tearing more feral noises from him in the process.

His back bows and every muscle in his body strains, his hole sporadically clenching around the thing trying to pound it out of shape.

I walk around to his front for a better view and can hardly keep the smirk off my face as his snarls start turning into long groans. His nipples harden visibly under my gaze, and I gladly lean in and give them a slow lick as a reward. A strangled cry falls from his lips, his head tipping far back on his shoulders as if to escape what’s happening to him.

“S-stop,” he croaks out between needy moans of pleasure, “make it stop!”

A delighted smirk overcomes me as he grinds down on the machine, his chest rumbling with his approval as his shaft strains angrily against his stomach. The sight makes my own twitch with the beginnings of lust. He’s close. I’m gonna fuck him sooner than I expected. I nip his peak with my teeth, watching on in satisfaction when his lips part around a soundless cry.

I palm his cheeks, spread them wide and reward them for accepting the machine so easily by giving each a hard smack. He grinds against me, mouth open and panting hard when he feels my bulge against his. His crimson eyes level on mine as he licks at his fangs, his expression that of a starving animal. “Enough games, human; I want to fuck you. Bend over.”

That has to be one of the absolute last thing I was expecting. The second being what he does next: breaks the chains on his wrists.

His smirk is vicious as I take two quick steps back. “Now,” The word is a rumbling purr of satisfaction as he leisurely steps off the machine, leaving a footprint behind on the top of the steel rectangle. Faster than I can ever imagine moving, he has me pinned down beneath him on the bed in the corner. One of his hands has mine above my head and the other is yanking my pants down in the back. “I’ve heard so many stories about you; the man who has been making my best warriors into his personal concubines. They call you Papiyou can call me Maestro.”

A startled cry leaves me as he drops both his hands to my cheeks and presses his wet tool against my un-prepped hole. He spreads my ass wide with his hands until it’s forced to make a small opening for him and then his tip is on it, stretching the small opening wide with its thickness and slowly sinks in. He gives me inch after torturous inch as I struggle to stay still. I’ve never had anything up there, but from watching the vamps take their first dick, I know that struggling only makes it hurt more.

His hands tighten their grip when I don’t put up a fight, and I hardly have time to breathe before he slams himself all the way in, plowing into my stomach carelessly. I gasp in horror, hands clawing at the sheets as waves of pain rip through my backside. He chuckles and pulls back, not heeding my pained cry and instead focusing on his pleasure.

Ahh, so this is why you like taking virgins,” He purrs by my ear as he moves back in, purposefully nipping my ear with his fang as he talks. “‘I‘hey‘re nice and tight, clinging to every inch of the cock inside them even if its goal is to make them bleed.” My mouth parts, eyes rolling into my head as he takes me rougher.

I groan at his words even as he rests his throbbing thickness inside me. His mouth lowers to my neck, his fangs scratching across the surface of my skin. They give a slight pressure, but just before they break through, they vanish and reappear further down. “If you’re going to do something just do it!” I finally hiss, my nerves frayed with anticipation.

He chuckles and grabs onto my hips unexpectedly. “Had to make sure you didn’t pass out. I want you awake for every second of this.” And then he’s really moving and my screams fills the basement. He’s going to rip me in two! I squirm pathetically beneath him as he pounds into me, recklessly slamming his cock in deep, ripping it out, and then repeating it over and over again. My back bows under the assault, my hands uselessly flailing about until they grab onto the metal bars of the headboard. The vampire groans against my neck, obviously enjoying himself as he pulls out and flips me over.

He laughs at me callously as he plunges back in, spreading my legs wide around the drive of his vengeful hips. “You’re still hard after being treated like this?” He chuckles and glides his hands up my sides, making me writhe as his sharp nails drag across my skin. Then I feel it, a sharp tug under the forceful push of his bulbous head. His nostrils flair as his lips curl around a malicious smile, “Oops, looks like someone’s bleeding.”

He takes a slower pace now, leisurely rolling his hips and enjoying the fruits of his efforts. I groan, my head swimming as my balls tighten up between us. Degradingly enough, the fact that he’s using me so harshly fills my loins with the need to come and soon. He sighs and closes his eyes, sliding in halfway and then out again. 

“Your blood is so warm on my skin,” He breathes in deeply and settles his hand over my heart. Two of his nails break through the skin. “I wonder how good it tastes,” He murmurs, his eyes locked on the wound as they blossom with darkening beads of red. He lazily licks at them once; his eyes fluttering closed as he appears to savor the taste. “Delicious.” The word is a dark purr before his lips latch onto the wound, his hands slipping under my back and lifting me up against the pull of his mouth on my chest.

One of them strays down my back. reaches between my cheeks and pets the quivering ring there as he slowly pulls out. My mouth parts on a sigh as it goes in just as slow, my heart quickening in my chest as he repeats the movement. Before long, I’m wiggling to get closer, to hold him inside me longer. The feeling of him deep inside my stomach is quickly becoming addicting, like a drug that I desperately crave right now.

He slurps noisily at my chest, his arms tightening their grip on me and preventing me from following the movement of his hips. “Relax, human, I’m not as cruel as you; you may come whenever you wish,” He mumbles, cursing under his breath when a few drops drip free of his mouth. He chases them with his tongue, lapping them off the beginning of my abs.

His tongue continues downward, his cock leaving me entirely as he takes a fascination with my muscles. My hands clench around the bars, my abdomen flexing as he suddenly decides to try his hand at foreplay. Frustration fills my chest as he sucks at my skin, raising a love bite just above my belly button.

He moves down even further, bypassing my dripping tip and licking at my base. Humming against me, he sloppily kisses his way up my shaft, his warm breath stroking my skin even as he lets his tongue play with the juices gathered on my tip. His hands pet my thighs, hefting one over his shoulder as he laps up more of my pre-come and carries it down below my balls.

Huffing in frustration at his messed up order, I open my mouth to remind him it’s a bit late for foreplay when the warmed gooey pre-come he gathered is suddenly rubbed into my abused hole, soothing the aching ring expertly. My eyebrows furrow, was that his goal all along? Seriously?!

Before I can express my disbelief, he slides back up my front and smirks down at me. Fighting off the urge to face palm, I let him know I’m not amused with my glare. His smirk falls. “What?”

I huff and shove at his shoulders. “Are you kidding me right now, Vince?”

His eyes widen innocently. “You were bleeding a lot more than I expected you to. What did you want me to do?”

I narrow my eyes at him and slip out from under him, heading towards the stairs. “You completely killed the character I was playing in my mind! Be less nice; this was your idea!”

He frowns and trails after me. “But, honey, I I thought it’d be fun to reenact the day we- !” ‘

“Then stick to what you actually did!” I shake my head and take the steps one at a time because I know he hates it. “Next time, just get me freaking chocolates!”

“Babe!” He whines after me. The badass vampire I fell in love with that day completely gone in favor of his real self: the teddy hear I cuddle and cry with when we watch Hachi. “I’m sorry, let’s try again. This time I’ll really try to remember that you’re a masochist.”

Stepping into the kitchen beyond the door, I roll my eyes and check the time. “lt’s one in the morning. We’ve done this twice already.”

He pauses, eyes straying towards the living room with our mini cooler full of our favorite ice creams. “Maybe next Valentine’s? . . . We still have all that ice cream from yesterday. . . “

I sigh. “l’ll get the spoons.” He cheers and heads for his favorite spot on the couch. Why do I even bother? Chuckling under my breath. I grab the utensils and settle in for an early morning movie marathon.

Yeah . . . I have no idea where that ending came from. I think I got bored; I just don’t know anymore.

Virgin Lover Boy

Previously, I had a one shot book in which my followers could make requests on what they wanted to see/read next, and this is one of them:

Started as:

this kid goes to college and signs up for a frat house but doesn't realize that it's a gay frat house and he gets there and realizes it's a mistake but he ends up in this giant frat house orgy

I made it:

Alright, I have changed up your request a bit o.o Instead of just being one giant, long one shot, I've done something (I think is) quite awesome. So the first part "The Sweet Cowboy" is about the main dude (Jeremy "Remy") who gets tricked into joining a gay fraternity and is screwed for (pretty much) hours by the sweet cowboy-like guy who tricked him into joining (Sam Fitz). The next parts are pretty much what leads up to what Remy sees going on beyond the room him and Sam are in (Sam was going to share him at the end, but got a little greedy, sorry not sorry). So, this way, there are more parts (about three so far)

I’m going to just tentatively call this erotica-pornography, and just leave it at that.



Contents so far

The Sweet Cowboy

The Seductive Innocent

The Energizer Bunny

The Desparate Flirt


The Sweet Cowboy

It was just a frat that was supposed to be my own little private sanctuary. Instead, it taught me a very valuable lesson:

Protect thine ass or it will be filled.

The Seductive Innocent

The problem with trying to trick a perfect stranger?

Sometimes I forget that I’m not a stranger to anyone at this school.

The Energizer Bunny

Don’t knock sluts. We have a lot more endurance than you.

. . . Or I used to, now I never seem to have any energy. It’s a wonder this all started because of my big mouth. Note to self: footballers are dangerous, all-powerful beings. Avoid at all costs.

Yeah, I’ll try to remember that in my next life.

The Desperate Flirt

I thought I was done with him. So, why do I keep thinking of him?

Oliver was right; footballers are indeed dangerous, all-powerful beings. Now, if only they were a type of genie that I could keep locked up and at my mercy, safely far, far away from any and all females.

Ciao for Now,

~ Amelie J. Hyde

1. Your Average Doctor’s Visit

So . . . I wrote this because when ya go to the doctor’s they really fuck ya over with the billing. At least for me they do xD

Note: yes, the dialogue was intended to be like that of a porno. It adds a nice, don’t give a shit about you feel vibe. Enjoy!

Your Average Doctor’s Visit

I went in for a check-up. Yes, I remember that much considering the absolute Hell it was trying to get the annoying chit at the desk to get off her cell phone. I know a nurse told me the doctor would be coming soon, but I can’t recall how exactly I wound up like this.

My hands and ankles strain against the cloth bindings pinning them down to the metal bars going around the medical cot. My head lifts, or at least tries to, as some thick thing wrapped around my neck pulls it to a stop not even two inches off the cot. I glance around wildly, my eyes widening in horror at the sight of a small, black towel haphazardly thrown across my lap.

Oh God, someone’s testing me! Maybe the slight pain in my arm is really some sort of crazy virus!

A giggle floats to my ears from somewhere within the room. I jerk upward against the bindings only to freeze stiff at the sight before me. A small twig of a man is standing just within the doorway, the door firmly shut behind him as he looks at me through his long eyelashes. His eyes are wide and a light shade of blue, his lashes only making them seem bigger on his petite face.

That’s really not what I should be focusing on, though. He’s wearing a dress. Not just any dress, a white, mini nurse costume looking one. It barely reaches his thighs, proudly displaying the white thigh-highs he has on with a red lace bow on the outsides. It looks as if it’s made out of leather, a zipper outlined in red fabric going down the middle of the front. It clings to his body like a second skin, and faintly begins to slide up when he takes a step forward. Red pockets are outlined over his flat chest and two more on the curve of his ass. The collar of the neckline is stiff and has a steep v that goes almost all the way down his sternum. He ties off the look with a small, silky red bow tied into his straight blonde hair just above his left ear.

My shaft involuntarily twitches at the sight of him, my jaw clenching in refusal to admit that the little crossdresser’s attractive. He giggles again and hops up onto the bed. He places one red heeled foot on my crotch and smirks down at me. “The doctor tells me you’ve been a naughty boy,” He sings as he slides the cool of his heel down the towel, hooking the top under the end of it and teasingly beginning to lift it.

I swallow thickly at the sight of his white, lace thong beneath the dress, momentarily distracted by it. He pouts and moves his feet so they straddle my hips. One of his hands drifts between his legs, a red painted fingernail coasting along his small sacs. “Don’t stare so hard; you’ll make me shy,” He coos innocently as he sits down on my stomach, letting me feel him pet himself against my abs. “Aww, you made me wet!” He whines and decides to prove it by running his moistened fingertip up my chest.

My jaw clenches as he lays himself flat against my chest, his hot core gliding down my front until it pushes the towel off of me, replacing it with the thin barrier between his shaft and mine. My hips buck without thought, my eyes rolling back at how warm he feels against my cool skin. He snickers and slides his entire body up and down my front, playing with me.

“You’re already so hard,” He purrs and presses down just right as he slides back down for my semi-erection to move against his crack. “Does the naughty patient want to fuck me?” He shivers and rubs his hard member against my stomach, “Oh, just imagine putting that huge cock of yours inside my poor little hole.” He whimpers when l swell against him, hands straining against their bindings and my teeth digging into my gag. “It’d break me in two!” He gasps and sits up, rocking his hips to stroke my shaft between his cheeks.

I pant for air, wanting nothing more than to thrust up deep inside the devilish twink. He’s so soft around me, his body practically begging for a good screw. He moans, easily getting my attention as his fingers come away glistening from between his legs. “I’m leaking so badly,” He groans and sucks on his pointer finger, his eyes rolling closed as he continues to tease me by mock-riding me. “My hole feels so empty. . . I’m gonna use this hard cock to fill it, so be a good patient and don’t dirty me with your come.”

He reaches down and moves his thong to the side, presenting his pink, wet-looking bud to my member. I groan and lift my hips up, cursing when he moves just out of reach. He plants his free hand on my chest and slowly lowers himself onto me. My mouth opens in bliss at the feeling of his damp walls easily accepting my girth. He slows down once he’s passed the tip, soft pants leaving him as he struggles to continue moving down. I wait patiently, eyes intent on him as he manages to push himself down almost half my thick length. I thrust my hips up quickly, hurrying myself in his quivering heat as he screams in shock. I pull out before he can adjust and plunge right back in, enjoying the way he cries out from the repeated intrusion.

He rocks down on me, makes me lay flat on the cot, and gasps for air, his hole clenching hard on my shaft. “S-such a bad boy. I didn’t tell you to fuck me.” He smirks darkly and lays himself down on my chest, “Do you want me to punish you? I want to punish you for being bad.” He giggles and begins moving his hips sensuously, working me deep inside him with the tightness of his walls. I groan and let my head drop back against the stiff cot, my hands clenching into lists. I couldn’t care less what he wants to do, right now all I care about is taking my release in this heat so nicely wrapped around my cock.

He mewls like a well-fed kitten and bounces his hips quicker on my length. ‘’80 good! Yes, yes, I’m gonna come!” He cheers breathlessly as his white juices land on my stomach. He lifts off my chest and smiles down at me as he lazily rolls his hips. “You wanna come too, my naughty little boy?” I nod once, eyes intent on his sultry expression. “Wanna fill my sore hole with your dirty seed and watch it trickle down to my pretty heels?” My teeth grit around the fabric between them, my body thrumming on the verge of taking what I want from him.

He giggles and pulls off of me, fixing his panties right above my wet, weeping tip. I growl like a starved animal and jerk against my bindings. He sits on my dirtied chest and runs his fingers through my jet black hair, curling some around them. “If you’re a good boy from here on out, I’ll let us fuck without being tied up as much as you want.” His voice is little more than a purr by my ear, and 1 groan with satisfaction. That’s exactly what I want to do–take him as hard as I please.

My muscles flex at the prospect of having him under me and begging to come. My lips curl around a satisfied smirk; soon enough I’ll show this little twink who’s in charge here. He snickers as if amused by something and glances over his shoulder. I attempt to follow his gaze only to give up when I realize it’s beyond my field of sight.

He stands up and hooks his thumbs through the band of his thong. “You want to come, right? So, you’ll do anything I tell you, right?” I roll my eyes but nod, certain that I’m going to have him on my dick again very soon. “Lie still until I get back,” He says with a smile and lets his wet panties drop onto my still hard shaft.

With a small laugh, he hops off the cot and out of my sight. He shuffles around for a little bit, opening and closing a few drawers, before he climbs back on and stands between my ankles. There’s a small tube in his left hand but other than that he looks exactly the same. “Spread your legs as wide as you can.” He taps my knees and my eyebrows scrunch together, but I slowly draw my ankles up the bed and bend my knees outward.

He gets on his knees and slides up, pressing them against my thighs so I can’t close my legs even if I wanted to. His hands pet my inner thighs for a moment before he takes his dirty thong between his fingers and undoes my gag with the other. Before I can get any words out, the come-coated fabric is jammed between my teeth, filling my mouth almost painfully before he’s satisfied. My eyes narrow with anger as his musky flavor dissolves on my tongue.

Then, I feel it: the cold drop of something hitting my asshole. His fingers rub it in gently, his lips curled around an excited smile even as I try to jerk away.

I groan around his underwear, my back arching in a last attempt to get away as he gives me more of the intrusive little finger. He giggles once it’s fully inside me, the warm little thing wiggling around happily. “You took it in so well! What a good boy you are, makes me want to give you another. Oh, look you’re taking this one in too. Aww, your hole looks so nice with my fingers in it!” My cries of distress are muffled by the cloth in my mouth as he widens them inside me, cooing about how tasty my insides look.

My hips squirm when his tongue gives my newly stretched entrance a long lick, moving round and round the fingers in me as if trying to praise me for taking them in. They widen again and the warm tongue pushes in between them. He hums and licks me deeply, shoving it in and lapping up along my walls. A soft pant leaves me at the sensation, so he does it again and again until I’m moaning at how good it feels to be touched like that.

“Good boy, such a good boy,” He praises, his breath caressing my skin before he gives me another lick. “What a hungry hole you’ve been denying. Look at it-trembling and all wet-it wants some cock too, doesn’t it?” He gives me a third finger and begins working them nice and fast, making me painfully hard as he preps me. “Nod your head if you want me to give you your shot, little patient. I can’t wait to fill you up with my medicine! It’s leaking out at just the thought of getting into you.”

Without waiting for me to even process his words, he lines his tip up with my entrance and spreads his fingers inside me. His warm juices drip into me, sliding past my open ring and slipping along my walls. I shiver at the sensation of another man’s precome getting inside me. He giggles and gives me his tip, letting his fingers grab onto my ass instead as he focuses on getting up in me.

“So warm, so tight. Your virgin hole is clinging to me so nicely I might come before you can,” He pants as he sinks in a bit more, his head widening out into his thick, pulsing shaft. His pace picks up noticeably the more he gives me until he gives in and just dives in. He spreads my cheeks wide, ignoring my cry of pain at being filled so suddenly, and begins pulling out.

I try to squirm my hips away, but it’s far too late. He takes me rough and fast, rubbing my hole raw around his forceful thrusts and bruising my ass with how hard his grip is. Despite how much my entrance hurts, it feels indescribably good to have him grind his shaft against my prostate and I find myself coming just from having his cock in me.

He moans when I clamp down on his shaft, his head tipping back as he goes in all the way one more time before spilling his seed inside me. “Yes, yes, clutch at my cock just like that, I have more medicine for you. Be a good boy and take your shot.”

I moan loudly beneath him, my back bowing in pleasure as he starts all over again, his insatiable shaft continuing to use my hole at the same pace as before. I can’t help but quiver and cry out in a garbled mess for him to go slower. His juices gush inside me, swirling around with every hard pump of his hips against me. I strain against my bonds, my member throbbing with the growing need to come again.

He notices and takes me into his hand, stroking his thumb across my tip as his other hand enters my mouth, grabbing onto my jaw and pressing the drenched thong hard against my tongue. He jerks me off and uses my jaw as an anchor as he picks up speed, chasing his orgasm deep within my stomach. My eyes roll back, my member tingling with the tell-tale signs of my own climax as his thrusts get sloppier, less regular. I come a fraction of a second before he does, my toes curling at the force of mine as hot ropes of his cream shoot up into my stomach.

He purrs and releases his grip on me contently as he pulls out of me. “I knew you could be a good boy for me.” He smiles proudly and slips his fingers inside me, curling them a bit and coming out with a puddle of juices. He licks them up lazily as he turns and slips off the cot. “The doctors will see you now. Remember to be a good boy so he’ll give you lots of candy after.”

The door opens as soon as he says that and my eyes just about pop out of their sockets at the sight of the so-called “doctors”. Both of them are huge, their hard shafts dangling almost to their knees. The thick, veiny cocks drip with excitement as they close the door behind the twink nurse. “He looks terrified, but he’s hard as rock.” The one in the black lab coat smiles thoughtfully.

The one in the white smirks and licks his lips with a wicked glint in his eyes. “Look at how wet his ass is; it’s perfect for my co–!”

The other one laughs and steps up to the side of the bed. “I already have dibs on entering him first. Go play with his mouth or something. I’m not going to be satisfied with just one taste after watching him with the nurse.”

My body quakes violently as he unties my ankles and hands, his fingers curling around the front of the color and yanking me up. I follow dumbly, entranced by his actions as he smirks superiorly down at me. Without a word, he flips me onto my stomach and lifts my ass out for his viewing pleasure. My toes barely touch the floor as the other doctor rests my chin on the opposite side. My hole spasms as it dawns on me what exactly the two men have planned.

The one behind me curls along my back, the broad tip of his behemoth at my entrance as he whispers in my ear. “Don’t even think about struggling; it’ll only hurt more. Just sit back and enjoy having your sweet little hole wrecked.”

My mouth gapes around a silent cry as he pushes the wide head into me, jams it up into my wet, sensitive opening and pushes in some more of his ridiculously thick meat. I squirm without thought, my lips dripping with soft noises as he forces it in deeper and deeper. My stomach aches, my hole going numb as the endless cock fills me up, stuffs me beyond capacity and then keeps going.

He chuckles and playfully thrusts in a few more inches, “Almost halfway, baby.” His hand smacks down against my ass, making me moan and jerk forward. He gives me a quick thrust for letting some out. I gasp, back bowing under the strain of taking in more of him. “Do you feel that? That throbbing, leaking shaft sinking into you? It’s all yours, baby boy, and I’m gonna hurt you so good with it.”

A soft whimper leaves me as he whispers the words into my ear, my attention fixing even more on him trying to break me open on his monster of a cock. His hands palm my cheeks, spread them wide as he picks up the pace just a bit, shoving in more and more of his meat until I fear I might actually be broken by him. And then I feel it thicken out even more, my hole burning in protest as he presses his thick base against me. My body pulses angrily, every nerve in me focusing on what feels like two feet of cock fining my belly up.

“I’m in, but I think he needs a second one in here,” The doctor chuckles, his fingers digging into my cheeks as my legs threaten to give out.

The other one lifts an eyebrow and comes around beside the one intent on breaking my ass. “Think he can take it? I’m bigger than you after all.”

My heart skips a beat in fear, my fingers fisting the thin blanket covering the cot. The one behind me slips his hand around to my thigh and pulls it up and to the side. I moan the movement causing me to clench around him. He groans and pulls out a bit before rocking back in. The other doctor’s shaft twitches, his eyes intent on my entrance as he does it again, this time harder.

“Oh gawd!” I moan, back arching into the drive of his hips in a mixture of pain and pleasure. “T-too much too f-fast. Take it-!”

A second thick tip comes up underneath the other. “If he rips, I blame you for teasing me.”

They lean me back against the one behind me with my thighs pinned by my armpits, and we all watch as the second tip disappears inside me. My eyes roll back, my head lolling back onto the doctor’s shoulder as he sinks his fat shaft into me. He goes noticeably faster than the first one, apparently eager to test my limits as he drives in inch after tortures inch. My hole twitches feebly in protest as it’s stretched taut and then forced to stretch even more.

“Doesn’t he feel good? All that come the nurse gave him is really loosening him up.” The one behind me coos against my ear, pulling out just a bit and thrusting into me. All of us moan at how good that feels, the pain from earlier fading away only to reappear as the second cock thrusts all the way in with the first. I writhe up between them, getting all of two inches out of me before they yank me back onto them. Sparks of pain lance through my backside, but they ignore me as they talk to themselves about how good virgins feel with their asses full of come and at the mercy of their big members.

My cries of pain go unnoticed as the one against my front pulls out a small amount and roughly thrusts back in. The one behind me chuckles and does the same, purposefully coming out halfway. They lock gazes over my shoulder and begin fucking me with long and hard thrusts, rubbing my hole in opposite directions as they enjoy my aching body to their hearts’ content.

The front one fists my hair and fucks himself hard against my stomach, hurrying his head in my neck and telling me to tighten up when he goes in so he can enjoy it more. The other one spanks my cheeks hard to make me clench up on them, and goes as hard as he wants. Before long, my body gets used to them using it and I start moaning between them, trembling with every thrust of the one pressed against my prostate. He rubs it back and forth with his thick shaft, abusively sensitizing it until I have no choice but to paint his chest with my come.

The one behind me chuckles and trails his nose up the back of my ear, “Uh oh, you got him dirty.” His tone starts off taunting and then quickly turns seductive, “Lick it up, baby, and I’ll make you come so hard as a reward that you’ll never want to let me out of you.” My head immediately drops, my tongue lapping up the stray strings of my cream eagerly. If there’s one thing I want it’s to come.

He chuckles and pulls me off the other doctor’s raging hard on. Surprisingly, he doesn’t complain and watches on with a smirk as I’m flipped around on the horse shaft inside me. Before I can take in a proper breath, he starts moving me up and down his cock, jerking me against him like I’m some kind of toy. His length twitches and jerks inside me as he presses his tip right up against my prostate. Without warning, his come shoots out, spraying the sensitive bundle of nerves with jet after jet of his seed. Once he’s done he shoves me down his length one to the other doctor.

This one bends me over the edge of the medical cot and pounds in faster than even the nurse. “I knew your ass was perfect for my cock. Look at the way you suck on it even with all that semen filling you up. Here’s some more, baby; drink up every drop.” My mouth opens on a sea of little cries as he shoots deep in my stomach, resting there for a moment before he begins moving again. “Don’t let any out. I’m nowhere near done.”

The first doctor pulls up a chair behind the other and watches on as the one in me tirelessly begins on a second load. Once he empties it into me, they switch positions. They continue to use me in turns like that for God knows how long, and I’m left panting, barely able to stand with the inside of my legs soaked in their juices and a puddle of them around my feet.

Just when I think it’s over, they come back with two other doctors. Still, they only take me one at a time, laughing and having fun as they sit me on one of the new guy’s lap and let him lose his v-card deep in my used and abused ass. He doesn’t last long, but the three experienced doctors don’t mind, and instead revel in letting me sit with the virgin in me as they come in from behind.

I lose count of how many times I come and lose myself in the bliss of being filled with a cocktail of men’s seed.